Things You Will Not See In Europe – Open Carry Citizens Protesting a Mosque

An armed protest outside the Islamic Center of Irving, TX.

An armed protest outside the Islamic Center of Irving, TX.

Of course the professional-left lose their minds because the group also printed the names and address of those in the city that were previously agitating for the mosque at an earlier city council meeting.

BAIR has a Facebook page here

The news story is here with frequent updates by a possibly high reporter. See the Facebook page for the reference.

  • Alain

    Also things you will see in Canada sadly. Kudos to them especially for exposing the traitors who agitated for the mosque at a council meeting. They are using the Left’s tactics against the Left and using the Muslims’ tactics against them. That is a good start.

    • Alex

      Yes, I’m afraid that you’re right about Canada. My personal feeling (hope?!) is that we Canadians are not in general quite as inclined to socialism/progressivism and being unfree as Europeans seem to be. But I sure wish we were a lot closer to the American model in these regards.

      Citizens openly carrying and exercising freedom of speech by (peacefully) protesting a mosque – a beautiful sight.

  • Dana Garcia

    Sweet. I would move back to Texas if it weren’t next to Mexico.

    • African


  • Raymond Hietapakka

    I’ve thought that you’re not allowed to cover your face in such public circumstances…