Palestinians Get Their Wish

After two months of incessant attacks on Israeli civilians that have taken a mounting toll of lives, Prime Minister Netanyahu announced on Monday that he would order steps to limit the ability of Palestinians to slaughter Jews. Separate bypass roads would be created for Jews in the West Bank that would separate traffic and make it harder for Palestinians terrorists to treat traffic jams at road junctions as a killing ground. Inspections of Palestinian cars on those roads will continue. To deter terrorists, the government will also revoke permission for family members of killers to work in Israel. In other words, the terror surge has not only accomplished nothing for the Palestinians but is leading to measures that will make their lives harder. Which means the Palestinian Authority, which has helped incite this madness in which their people have gone out to stab, shoot and firebomb any Jew they can get near, has gotten its wish.

  • Zaba

    …..the terror surge has not only accomplished nothing for the Palestinians…..

    All these acts are ‘pleasing in the eyes of allah’
    Mission accomplished.