Is the New York Times ever more desperate or what?

Here’s the latest pitch they offered me to subscribe:

Black Friday Special? Drop Everything! As a Preferred Reader, Enjoy Half Off for One Year!

Can’t seem to image it online. But…

Reality check: … there was once a time when there were news services, and they never had to tell me how badly I needed them.

Given that the Times is mostly just manufactured news in support of progressive government, I think I’ll buy the deluxe Newspeak Dictionary instead.

Out of interest, was the Times the medium that invented “white Hispanic” and “fake but accurate”?

Also, is it possible that they won’t get a government bailout because progressives can find any number of media to tell their tales?

  • Hard Little Machine

    If I could process the payment with an atomic bomb I would.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Ten years from many newspapers will no longer be in business.

  • Shebel

    The SUN has promised to not raise their price if I subscribe NOW .