A Dozen Refugees in U.S. Connected to Terrorism Just This Year

The battle over Syrian refugees is raging on as the White House doubles down on their policy to bring 10,000 refugees from terror hot spots to U.S. soil over the coming months. But a new report from Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions details 12 alarming instances of refugees being connected to terrorism just this year. Criminal complaints, arrest warrants and indictments were provided.

  • Clink9

    It’s all part of the plan to destroy everything that stood in North America after WW 2.

    • Alain


  • JoKeR
    • Alain

      Spot on.

  • Alain

    And that 12 are just the ones known.

  • simus1

    Why bother bringing in more scum?
    Just expand the already in place UN palestinian style welfare system.
    They stay where they are in turkey and jordan and we send them money to do nothing but bitch and scam each other.
    Everybody wins.

  • ontario john

    But were only getting the good refugees. The Liberals have promised. And at nearby Base Borden the muslim chaplain there is all excited at receiving muslim refugees where he will provide islamic services of all sorts on government property.

  • ontario john

    The media last night and today, continues its pro islam stories with the heart warming story of a united church helping out that poor burned out mosque in Peterbourgh. I guess it is not a problem for them to help out a muslim mosque since they have given up all tenets of the Christian faith and even have atheist ministers.

  • ontario john

    But of course forget about the threat of islam, because as Liberal cabinet minister Dion reminds us, global warming is the greatest threat. And once again Ontario is stepping up to the plate with a new tax scam(sorry energy program), where every time anyone sells their house they have to do an energy audit. This audit will only cost you three or four hundred dollars and the province has to train thousands of people to do the audits. “Ontario, Yours To Plunder”