West Germany’s Former Chancellor Predicted Europe Would Have an Assimilation Problem

In 1990, former West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt told me in an interview that massive Islamic immigration into Europe kept him awake at night. Between pinches of snuff, Schmidt said he worried Muslims wouldn’t assimilate, and that this would become a big problem for the continent.

No special treatment for Islam

The sign reads: No special treatment for Islam and not “No extra sausages for Islam” as I initially translated.

  • Exile1981

    He was right and its an even bigger problem now.

  • Denis

    and here in Canada the so-called refugees are getting more money and support than I am after working and paying taxes for 50 years! Talk about discrimination.

    • Maggat

      That’s two of us!

      • Canadian


    • Observer

      At least King Trudeau II hasn’t expropriated your home to become refugee housing….. yet.

      • Denis

        wait 6 months and re-examine your position! at least I live in a small rural prairie village.

  • Shebel

    An assimilation problem ?
    Perhaps she should explain just whom is supposed to be assimilated.

    • Canadian

      The Germans seem to assimilate quite well.

  • Alain

    Nothing new here. The proven fact is that Muslims do not assimilate.