Turkey to take over private U’s?

From Mustafa Akyol at AL Monitor:

On Nov. 19, Turkey’s Official Gazette, where every new law gets published to become valid, published a bizarre amendment to the regulations of the Council of Higher Education (YOK). This government institution, established by the military after the 1980 coup, controls all Turkish universities, even private ones, as one of the icons of Turkey’s highly centralized and unabashedly overbearing state system. But now the YOK will have even more power, the Official Gazette announced, for it will have the authority to close down private universities if their administrators “execute or support activities against the state’s indivisible integrity.”

This means, in more practical terms, the private universities that are deemed as enemies of the state by the masters of the state may soon be confiscated by the state. The new regulation says such universities will not be closed down, but only taken over by the YOK, which will appoint new administrators and put it under an existing state university. It is a polite way of saying that they will be confiscated. More.

Reality check: How do you like that? Baby asshats take over North American U’s today, and … when they grow up, they’ll do it like in Turkey. No longer will they have to yell and scream, parade, and snap their fingers.

By the way, I think a lot now about the things my dad used to say, now that he is really old and it is physically hard for him to say them any more. Notably, he’d bridle at a phrase like “activities against the state’s indivisible integrity.”

He’d shout, “If the state had any integrity, that’d be a good start. For one thing, this wouldn’t be happening.”

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  • canminuteman

    All the universities in Canada were private until Trudeau 1 and the liberals took them over IIRC.

    • BillyHW

      We had a great country once.

  • Shebel

    I never much cared for the Turks.
    I would never trust them.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Good. Anything they can do to destroy their country is to be encouraged.