Sweden’s Muslim Christmas Show

From the night of the Paris attacks until Tuesday, when Sweden’s government announced it was reversing its open-borders policy, Sweden was in a state of turmoil. No matter what the government said, it accomplished nothing — other than making the Swedes increasingly livid.

When Prime Minister Stefan Löfven accused his people of being naïve about radical Islamism, anger exploded on social media. You could read comments such as: “No. Some of you have been naïve. The rest of us have been labeled fascists and other ugly things.”

  • There are Muslims who don’t have a problem with Christmas.

    No one should have a problem with Christmas.

    I’m sorry- what was the issue again?

    • mobuyus

      One Christmas the only one that wished me a Merry Christmas was the muslim working at my local Mac’s Milk. I guess everyone else had been self censored into silence.

      • Alain

        Are you certain he was Muslim?

        • mobuyus

          100% secular though.

      • Maybe he was civil.

        • mobuyus

          By dint of him working and having gainful employment he would be secular. And civil he was.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    If you have a problem with Christmas, or Christian symbolism, then you might just be an intolerant asshole.

  • Alain

    Even as a non Christian I really do get fed up with this crap. You do not need to be Christian to wish people a Happy/Merry Christmas, and you certainly have no right to be offended if others wish you the same. I remember when some leftist Jewish woman (understand her religion clearly was leftism and not Judaism) made a public hissy fit because she had received a generic Happy Hanukah card from PM Harper. I can only image what condition she would have been in had she received a Happy Christmas card from him. It was just the typical HDS from someone who brings shame to the Jewish people. I also recall several years ago when I worked for the federal government and I wished my employees a Happy Christmas. I was called in by senior management and told that it was not appropriate since not everyone was Christian. The majority, probably at least 99% were Christian of one form or another and celebrated Christmas. My reply was that since I as a non Christian saw no problem, it made no sense that someone in senior management (political appointments) saw a problem. I also asked why else was December 25th celebrated and by what other group or religion. Glad to say I was soon able to retire, as I am sure it must have got worse since then. Frankly there are just some people who look for any excuse to claim being offended, and I have no patience with them. The ones I absolutely detest are those who wet their pants at the thought that any tradition could cause someone offence.

  • Hard Little Machine

    don’t worry – Sweden is Sweden nothing will change.