Sixty-five percent don’t trust US media. But so?

From Pew research:

And nearly two-thirds (65%) say the national news media has a negative effect on the country.

Breitbart comments on the survey’s main finding,

Americans simply don’t trust the federal government—only 19 percent believe they can trust the government in Washington to do what is right, with a paltry 3 percent qualifying that statement as “just about always” and 16 percent specifying, “most of the time.”More.

Reality check: None of it matters. First, the fact that Americans don’t trust progressive media means nothing because they are probably not paying much attention to it.

They are progressives by necessity if they need government to feed, clothe, house, and love them.

That doesn’t obligate them to listen to government PR media’s manufactured news, so they don’t.

There, that was easy. Cancel your contract with that high-priced consultant.

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  • Fredrick. Allen.Ginsberg

    I trust CNN, they told me I could.

    • David Murrell

      Good one! LoL.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Sure is. Because in Canada, as we all know, one cannot even trust ine’s own physician. It is unfortunate that more Canadians do not realize how very much “on your own” one really is in Cabada these days. NOBODY is looking out for you – regardless of their job descriptions. That is YOUR job – more so in Canada than in most western democratic nations because Canadians are such patsies overall.

  • Shebel

    For me– it is the Toronto Star that I trust.

    • Bernie

      Good one… another Muslim Rag.

  • Gary

    The new Drive-by media sets the camera for 1/1000th of a sec on holds the power button down once they slow down to 60 Klm in the van . Once back at the studio they create a story based on the most common factor in the pix to basically …Screw the facts and evidence.

    I had followed the Arar Inquiry and Walkerton inquiry on TV for which it became obvious that the CBC and STAR had about 90% of their narratives WRONG .
    They use the allegation by people with an agenda as their facts and then look for an iota of evidence to fit it.

    Sid Ryan and the NDP exploited the deaths at Walkerton which were caused by 2 drunks and nepotism which isn’t dead yet as we see Wynne stumble from disaster to disaster where we see the guilty ones in it had connections to get that position from relatives .
    The hamas-linked anti-west pro-sharia CAIR-Canada had Sheema Khan use her Globe&mail op-ed’s to distort the facts about Maher Arar for which CAIR would then post Khan’s op-ed on their Website for muslims to read that and then post it on arabic sites or News Papers.

    As for the CBC, you pretty well have to be a pro-hamas jew-hating anti-West leftist liberal to get hired and stay hired . I lowered the bar long ago for the CBC and got sick of the CBC giving air-time to the hamas-funding CAIR to do dawah and spew taqiyyah that incited hatred for Canada in young msulims.

    This jihad threat wouldn’t exists if the Human Rights Commission’s had not given the death-cult sect of islam in Canada the Charter Right status to be Equal to a Religion .
    Today , not only were Police Station told to be Halal compliant in their Lunch Rooms to ban pork but they were now ordered by the TPSB to give any Mosque a 24 hour Notice prior to a visit no matter that the reason is even if it’s for a Criminal Investigation tied to the Mosque.
    This give the mosque time to hide the terrorist or jew-hatred books they sell along with anti-Canada posters .
    Yet , it was fine for a jew-hating Black Cop to go into a Jewish temple with a gun on him to threaten the rabbi that if he allowed a anti-Jihad pro-human Rights speaker at that temple he would lose his job with the Peel Board on the panel for Religious Groups .

    Do you see a pattern here folks, the islamic supremacy factors plus the fear of terrorism for not submitting (as seen by our leaders that cave to their demands) is allowing the spread of islam and sharia law which is NOT a benevolent doctrine and faith .

    The CBC headline for the picture below would be

    ” Gays hog swings in iran to increase tensions and provoke peaceful muslims to jihad” .