Recap: Trump vs. The Establishment

In the immediate aftermath of the Paris terror attacks, a commenter on one of P J Media’s posts asked what seemed like an honest question.

The gist of which was: will somebody explain to me why the PJM columnists are so dismissive and hostile to the only presidential candidate who promises to really do something about the terrorists?

While the commenter didn’t name a candidate, it’s clear that he or she was talking about Donald Trump.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    To me it does not matter what Trump’s flaws are, what does matter is that we have a President that is not compromised and I don’t think he has been bought.

    Although Cruz is saying a lot of the right things these days, he has a very bad history with the H1-b visa program and so I do not trust him on immigration.
    Ben Carson is a nice guy, but it stops there. I see no Presidential material there.
    Everyone else is an establishment creep.

    If you are not chanting mass deportations and death to our enemies, I have no use for you.

    • I’m not American, but if I had the vote I’m leaning toward Rubio (I know people here don’t like him ’cause they think he’s “soft” on immigration — I disagree I think he’s “practical” on immigration).

      My only reservation is I’m not sure Rubio could beat Clinton. Whereas Trump stands a very good chance. Conclusion? I dunno, I can’t vote!

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        I’m always interested how these candidates look to those on the outside.

        Rubio is not only “soft” on immigration he was all-in for amnesty (member of the gang of 8) and a big proponent of unlimited H1-b visas.
        He’s an establishment tool who is peaking now only because of other people’s first choices have dropped out of the race.
        He’s also not electable as the base will stay home if he is the nominee.
        Much like Jeb Bush.
        He just so hated that he hasn’t a chance.

        • George Bush junior also supported amnesty — not “massive” amnesty, but selective. I think Rubio is on the same page.

          To tell you the truth I think it’s more about body image these days — you have to be at least 6′ feet tall to be President. Rubio is a shorty.

          On the other issues, you’re better informed than this Canuck so I won’t argue. But hey, I’m an “outsider” for what it’s worth.

        • Clink9

          I love the shock and awe factor Trump has. He is running the ball to the other end just by saying what millions are thinking.

          I could never in my lifetime imagine a Canadian politician with the balls to speak the truth.

          • Clausewitz

            Mike Harris was about as close as we have ever gotten to a Trump like politician in Canada, and maybe Ralph Klein as well. Both stated up front what they stood for and then followed their promises. Klein had the added advantage that he was able to close out Alberta’s debt, while Harris actually had a surplus after cleaning up after the Bob Rae debacle.

    • I am a US citizen and I am all in for Trump.

      • Canadian Born

        I wish I could vote Trump but not being a US citizen I can’t. Canada has imbeciles running it and that will be the complete downfall of Canada. The way Canada is handling refugees coming into Canada at some point heads are going to roll, literally.

        • Clausewitz

          Not being a citizen certainly hasn’t hurt the Democrat’s voter turnout.

  • Trump or Hillary?

    Trump or Benghazi?

    Trump or email scandal?

    • Clausewitz

      Watch out, you could be well on your way to committing suicide by shooting your self in the back of the head three times.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I would vote for any Republican over Hillary, who is a known liar and crook.