Paris, ISIS, and the Externalization of Evil

Only a few days have passed since the terrorist bloodbath in Paris, but it is already clear that the conclusions France and the West have drawn from the carnage are not only wrong, but likely to guarantee more of the same. In short, they seem to believe that the terrorist acts of Nov. 13 were organized and carried out by ISIS and, therefore, destroying ISIS will prevent future terror and should become the priority. This is a dangerous delusion even if ISIS is proven to have been instrumental in the organization of the attacks, which is not the case to date.

Destroying ISIS, as desirable as that is by itself, will do nothing to reverse the frightening radicalization that has taken place in the burgeoning Muslim communities in Western Europe and increasingly in the United States. A radicalization that promises more mayhem for years to come, yet one that Western authorities refuse to fess up to let alone take decisive measures against.

  • pdxnag

    ISIS*10 (or more) is already within France. Just you dare to close down one no-go-zone and expel the invaders.

    • I am betting we will see the French cede territory within our lifetimes.

      • Xavier

        My guess too. Autonomous territory, sharia law, enter at your own risk. The UN will lavish wealth and protection on them.

  • Alain

    Well stated except for the error about “radicalisation”. Nominal and cultural Muslims returning to the tenets and teachings of Islam is not radicalisation.

    • Exile1981

      Agree “radical” muslims are just normal muslims and the “moderates” are just normal muslims who just want to keep their hands clean.

  • Xavier

    When is someone going to say the mosques and Islamist Imams need to be watched? Oh wait, someone did. He must be silenced at all costs.