How the Paris attacks shook my faith in the Archbishop of Canterbury

The Archbishop of Canterbury, we heard during the BBC’s Songs of Praise broadcast last Sunday, ‘doubted God’ after the Paris attacks. On a walk on Saturday (he told listeners) he said to God, ‘Where are you in all this?’

As we are in confessional mood, here’s an anxiety of my own. The Paris atrocity has not occasioned me any new doubts, but Justin Welby’s remarks have caused me to doubt Archbishop Welby. Speaking on behalf of God, I have to ask the Archbishop: ‘Justin, where are you in all this?’

I’m not a believer, but I try to understand what believers believe. Christian theology has a long and distinguished intellectual history; faith’s most difficult conundrums have all been raised and answers (acceptable or otherwise) have been offered to all the obvious questions.

  • Martin B

    “An approach to law which simply said – there is one law for everybody – I think that’s a bit of a danger” Rowan Williams, 2008:

    The last Clown of Canterbury openly advocated for sharia law in the UK 7 years ago. How anyone could still have faith in this office after that is beyond me.

    • Justin St.Denis


  • Interesting. Once upon a time tragedy used to pull people closer to God. But that when the Church was relevant to the human condition. Before it got political.

  • Alain

    Someone should remind the Archbishop that Muslims committed this evil, not God. People can choose evil or good and that has nothing to do with God. Way past time to place the blame where it belongs: on those who commit such evil and on those who allowed them inside their countries and who endangered their own people.

    • Jabberwokk


    • Justin St.Denis

      It ain’t rocket science. Indeed, what you wrote is a direct reflection of basic Christian theology as well.

      Connecting dots does not seem to be an Anglican strong suit.

  • ontario john

    He is probably upset that terrorism is a distraction from the more important issues in the church like, homosexual sex and the global warming scam. Now that Michael Coren is studying to be an Anglican priest, perhaps he can comfort him and convince him that gay sex and global warming are still the priorities of the church.

    • The Butterfly

      Can you imagine Michael Coren as the next Archbishop of Canterbury? Lolz!

      • mobuyus

        He’s got the gayness down. Hell why not.

    • Justin St.Denis

      OMG! Are you serious? Coren is studying to become an Anglican priest? Really?

      I stopped following Coren when he did his little about-face over LGBTQWERTY issues and the RC Church.

      Coren has become a bizarre Pierrot doll, strutting and posing while belching and farting. Now he’s studying to become an Anglican priest? This is getting surreal.

      • Frances

        If true, he’s joining Lizzie Mae in her studies.

  • The Butterfly

    Someone once had faith in the Archbishop of Canterbury?

    • Maggat

      Not for a hell of a long time.

  • Xavier

    We were given free will.

  • canminuteman

    One would think an arch bishop would know something about religion(s). Apparently not.