Harvard Law School hate crime a probable hoax?

Like so many others? From Powerline:

I wrote here about the supposed hate crime that has roiled Harvard Law School: someone put small pieces of black tape over the portraits of black law professors that hang in Wasserstein Hall. This incident is somehow related, we are told, to the fact that the law school’s crest includes three sheaves of wheat, taken from the arms of a man named Isaac Royall, a slaveowner who donated money with which the law school was founded 200 years ago …

Almost all campus hate crimes turn out to be hoaxes, and this one probably is too. That argument is made by a group of Harvard Law students who have anonymously set up a web site called Royall Asses. The linked page is titled: “Relax: It Was a Hoax, Not a ‘Hate Crime,’ at Harvard Law School.” Other pages include “What the Royall Asses Did”, “The Evidence Inculpating the Royall Asses”, “Who Are the Royall Asses?” and “Chance of Harvard Law ‘Hate Crime’ Hoax is 99.99%”.More.

Reality check: Working for many years as an editor, I learned something useful: True stories tend to be somewhat irregular. False stories often have a cookie cutter feel to them that, taken in numbers, should attract suspicion.  Just for example, the racist teens in Toronto, when I lived there, tended to be punks, not upper middle class private school types – which is, of course, how a bad SJW novelist would portray the problem.

So what’s really interesting is how many media feel it is their duty to “believe” the story, as if credulity were a virtue. It is, of course, a virtue, if one’s true function is actually PR and not investigation.

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  • T.C.

    So I’m curious. Do you think this story has an element of truth to it?


  • Jay Currie

    Back when I wrote a lot of book reviews I always hoped I’d like the book – because writing a bad review means a whole lot of work, If you get a few facts wrong in a good review no one will call you on it, get one thing wrong in a bad review and the author, her mother and her agent will all write the book editor demanding your scalp and other bits and pieces if possible.

    Reported journalism works much the same way. If you are with the narrative fact checking is pretty much optional, contra narrative and you won’t get into the paper if you get a middle initial wrong.

    Back when there was one, I used to hang out at the Vancouver Press Club. A lazier, more entertaining, and dully progressive, bunch of people you would not want to meet. They would stand around the bar telling stories of just how little work they had managed to put into a story. There were exceptions of course, but not many. It was a good union job, easy hours, a few hundred words a day.

    Gone now. Because I get better information here for free and if I add ten more blogs and a couple of aggregators I am two days ahead of the news.

    The SJWs are still operating as if the NYTs is the “newspaper of record” and as if that actually matters. They are stunned when they run into fact checking, push back and, once in a while, a loud laughing fit. Mockery is our best weapon, but getting the facts straight is useful as well.

    • Exile1981

      It droves the mother in law crazy that I get news from BCF and other non lamestream media. She is old snd still has that trust in old media over new media. I’m slowly proving er trust is poorly placed.

  • Gary

    I’m betting that the recent alleged hate-crimes in Ontario have a 99% change of being a hoax where the story is an out right lie or the Torch Mosque was done with the permission of the Imam to deflect the media from the Paris slaughter by muslim terrorists.

    The media love the bogus islamophobia and fake hate-crimes by muslims because it helps them look oh so tolerant and not the racists.
    I doubt the media will follow up on those hate-crime alleged by muslims unless an arrest is made a Court trial to prove a muslim didn’t do it .
    If it was arson by the Imam or a local muslims, they won’t touch the story to reveal the truth on the 6:00 pm news.

    • moraywatson

      I have been searching daily for any kind of a report on the status of the Peterborough mosque “arson, hate crime” investigation. Crickets.

    • Exile1981

      The last word from the media was the iman left less than 30 minutes before it was called in and even though there was lots of smoke damage no korans or prayer rugs were damaged.

      • Gary

        Hmmm, sound a bit like the hoax at the Pickering Mosque back in 2005 where they really wanted to get a permit for their illegal Saudi Funded Mega Mosque and torched their own mosque to get sympathy hoping the by-pass the Zone law and building codes.

        Seems that it was a a Friday morning about 3:00 am when the women’s entrance was torched and then windows smashed and ‘ Jesus Rules” spray painted on the wall but no Qurans harmed …hmmmm.
        Not only did the mini-mosque in an old 1 storey Business building not have any video security system……but the Mosque custodian just happened to be there at 3:00 am to smell a fire and call 9-1-1 .

        Maybe the Keystone Kopps bought this fraud and the Insurance Co . too , but Pickering Council wasn’t that easy to scam and refused the mega Mosque .
        The smaller Community centre was approved but sorry folks noooooo mega mosque.
        So sad …..sigh.

        Last year after that ISIS lone wolf kill a soldier in Canada, a mosque out West alleged a hate-crime attack on it and the media ate it up.
        They too applied for a mega Mosque permit , but how odd that some windows were smashed the exact night that a new mosque employee hit the wrong button and shut down the Security Cameras that would have caught the islamophobe.
        The security system was never turned off in over 3 years , I hope the Police question why a new employee would have to know where the Security Camera video equipment switch was when it’s never turned off.