French ban on Muslim headscarves is upheld by human rights court after woman sacked for refusing to remove hers loses appeal

Europe’s leading human rights court upheld the France’s ban on Islamic headscarves in the case of a Muslim social worker who was sacked because she refused to take hers off.

Christiane Ebrahimian lost her job at a psychiatric department of a hospital in Nanterre because patients complained about her refusal to remove her head covering.

She lost her appeal at the European Court of Human Rights today.

  • BillyHW

    In Canada the vermin would have won.

    Also, headscarves are a symptom, not the disease. Muslim immigration is the disease that needs curing.

    • Blacksmith

      Muslim is the disease IMO.

    • As long as any women in the world is forced to wear Muslim headgear (think Saudi Arabia), Islamic headgear is a sign of opression.

  • Barrington Minge

    A one-book-bookshop….LOL!!

  • Jay Currie

    Looks like eye makeup…where are my stones of rightousness?

    • Barrington Minge

      Looks like a dead bat

    • Blacksmith

      Look at teh eyebrows, thats a dude.

      • mobuyus

        I think the view aperture in the tent is tied in the middle to hide the ubiquitous uni-brow.

        • Blacksmith

          I truly LOL’d on that one the second time I read it through, Thanks.

  • Gary

    This is just more proof for our brain-dead Boy-Blunder PM that this costume is NOT a free-will choice to wear it because she refuses to remove it for employment.

    If there wasn’t a fine for running a Red light but you stopped at one about 2:00 am in a remote area…….THAT’S a free-will choice. Under sharia or the islamists cultural codes ,for this beekeeper suit , it’s NOT a choice when you’re beaten up behind closed doors for not wearing it or exposing skin by mistake.

    These 25,000+ muslims are going to put a real dent in the muslim myth we hear about how they have the lowest welfare rate as Canadian and the highest employment rates along with more Phd’s per capita than Canadian born non-muslims.

    Imam Steve Rockwell uses his TV Show to spew lies and incite a hatred for Canada by fabricated Hate-crime that get repeated and his rants about the really big lie by muslims for “islamophobia” .

    Sorry Imam Rockwell, but facts can really ruin a good islamic lie because in Europe there are almost 70% of the muslim population on Welfare and they Choose to self-segregate and form no-go zone ghettos .

    Isn’t it funny how with all those Phd’s they can’t gets J- O- B ‘s .

    • mobuyus

      They choose the welfare over work they are disgusting and getting more disgusting as time goes by.

      • vimy

        the way they see it infidels should pay Jizya to live among them. Its not a choice its a way of life for 1000 plus years. Muslims were never the economic engine in the mid-east the Jewish, Christians, and everybody else were

  • pop

    The crazy people make sense!

    • Observer

      And to think the hospital was drugging all these patients because they were claiming they saw a black ghost roaming the hallways!

  • canminuteman

    Christiane is an odd name for a muslim. I imagine she must be a convert.

    • mauser 98

      yeah… how does that work?

      • mobuyus

        When they start to smother a culture they start at the margins. Adopting Christian names will make the lily-livered liberal more comfortable about being smothered.

        • mauser 98

          or a fake muslim,, wants to be a victim.
          university type would bet

  • Ed

    The idea that a rule by a sovereign state (France) could be appealed to some EU “tribunal” who has ZERO accountability or electoral support is amazing. (And the only reason they ruled this way, is because things are a bit warm right now.)

    • Alain

      It is amazing however that even the EU “human rights” bunch showed more intelligence and common sense than our Canadian judges in this matter.

  • mauser 98

    Swiss banned burqas… a few sane ones left

  • Ron MacDonald

    All it will take a one major terrorist attack on Canada to effect change.

    • eMan14

      I have my doubts about that.

    • mobuyus

      That will only make progressives double down on all things islamic,while blaming islamophobia and islamophobes for the islamo-pithicines latest outrage. No Canada is always far behind on what needs doing except in 1939.

    • terrence

      If, and ONLY if, it is against shiny pony and his family – then the liberals just MIGHT take some action – as long as it is not”islamophobic”

  • roccolore

    Since when is wearing a cloth coffin a human right?