After Paris I Understand Winston Churchill’s Relief

When everyone was emoting about the Paris massacres last week, I am afraid I did not join in. This is war, after all: what do people expect? When you have a war and one side is militarily weak, it tends to use terror as a weapon, because it’s the only way to show it is not weak, not really, but strong!

We in the West are rather irritated by the War on Terror, or whatever it gets to be called this week. We like to think that the questions of the modern age — democracy and tolerance and cities and trusting the stranger on the other side of the world to deal faithfully in market transactions — have been decided in our favor.

  • Gary

    The Drive-by media created their narrative for the Paris slaughter by muslims that had NOTHING to do with islam .
    They have now moved on and it’s over in their minds as just another Crime by some nut bars while the big story is the Russian Turkey issue and Obama’s assurance that the USA is safe from ISIS attacks that have NOTHING to do with isalm .

    Meanwhile in Canada our Boy Blunder dolt PM shares his shampoo secrets as he go full-throttle with bring in 25,000 unemployable muslims with PTSD from a War . Ralph Goodale let it slip out that this is just Phase 1 of the refugees and private sponsors can line up to bring in thousands more muslims.
    Great , have Liberals forgotten the Toronto-18 muslims that were BORN here and STILL wanted to slaughter us via their truck bombs with a hope of killing 5000+ people.

  • Clausewitz

    A lot of people are pissed at me because I mocked their photo’s covered in the French flag. What did I do to deserve this ire? I simply asked them what they thought they had achieved by this action. When they realised it was nothing, they felt like the right thing to do was to kill the messenger.