Actually, U.S. Has Had Program to Filter Muslim Migrants Since 9/11, But It Has Been Neglected

Let’s get something out of the way before we move on to the more important discussion: yes, Syrians are crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. But in terms of the news cycle, this is moldy bread to those who have been around this topic for a long time.

The whole world is suddenly aware of the issue since learning that at least two ISIS terrorists sent to attack Paris (and possibly others killed or arrested afterward) breached Europe’s borders camouflaged as illegal immigrants. Even traditional media like the New York Times is associating the France attack with the threat posed by Syrian migrants moving through Latin America toward our own border.

  • mauser 98

    private state militias on US / Mex border
    “Last week, the FBI confirmed that five men from Pakistan and one from Afghanistan were captured near Arizona’s border with Mexico”

  • Clink9

    How to get the muslim migrants out of the White House?

    • JoKeR

      That reminds me of the story where a communist, a muslim and an immigrant walks into a bar.

      The bartender shouts, “Hello, Mr. President!”

  • ontario john

    Heather Mallick was right! The plight of the Syrian refugees is the same as the Jews during WW2. CBC reports today that refugees coming to Canada will be notified on their cellphones when to leave. The horror!

  • The problem is when the Obama administration (and Left Politicos just about everywhere) came up with the practically non-existent human rights violation called “racial profiling”. I remember in Toronto it got so bad that if the Police were looking for a murder suspect and he happened to be black, then the media couldn’t mention the fact that he was black, and they certainly wouldn’t publish his photo because it would show that he was black. Because it was might be “racial profiling”.

    The insanity in Toronto continued for a couple years until people came to their senses. Then when the Islamic terror problem emerged the Left pulled the same stunt. And unfortunately people have still not come to their senses.