Toronto Star hails pro-Islam stunt at Dundas Square; ignores radical Islamic preaching there

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  • ontario john

    But Christmas concerts are banned there. I guess we have to make the refugees welcome. ” Sunny Ways”

  • David Murrell

    Good posted essay worth reading. It has an extended discussion of sharia law. Since such literature was distributed at York University, one can say that the university has come a long way. /sarc as to the last sentence.

  • John

    Boy…why am I not surprised?

    Just last week a Muslim student at McGill did exactly the same thing. He spent several hours on McGill campus standing blindfolded and getting hugs. He was feted by the local media and interviewed on radio.

    Same old shit everywhere.

    Every atrocity committed by Muslims is exploited by other Muslims ( the ‘amen’ gang) for dawa. Talk about wiping your feet on the backs of the corpses.

    It’s just sickening.

    • Go around clasping every burqa babe and hijabi you see to your bosom. Explain that you are doing it to prove how open-minded you are.

      • Yusuf_al_Kafir

        “Can I hug you? Let me hug you. I’d feel better if I could hug you. Don’t you wanna hug me? Come have a hug, my friend. Don’t you want a hug, my friend? Don’t you want to be my friend, my friend? Why don’t you want to be my friend, my friend?’

        Or however long one needs to blab on to ensure the most uncomfortable elevator ride in World History.

      • John

        I’d rather hug a zombie!

  • The Butterfly

    Isn’t this the same place where they arrested that Christian preacher?

  • eMan14

    I wonder what the reaction would be if the sign said ” I’m a Muslim pedophile, will you give me a hug?” I’m sure there are examples out there of such people.