This Book Rests On A False Premise About ISIS

Well-known Journalist Gwynne Dyer’s book Don’t Panic: ISIS, Terror and Today’s Middle East, published by Penguin-Random House Canada, rests on the premise that ISIS poses no major threat to the Western world. I recently participated in a panel discussion on the book hosted by the Toronto Reference Library and disagreed with the book’s premise based on the following arguments.

First, I challenge the notion that there is a formal radicalization process. I disagree with the view that fundamentalist Muslims begin by being pacifist, and subsequently undergo a “radicalization process” when they start to embrace the notion of armed jihad. Jihad as a doctrine is widely accepted by orthodox Muslims as an essential element of the Muslim faith. Anyone who shuns jihad has in fact rejected Islam according to orthodoxy. Therefore militant ideologies already constitute a narrative that is commonly embraced. This does not mean every Muslim in Canada is orthodox. But with the wide acceptance of the doctrine comes the risk of impressionable youth simply executing what they already believe.


I agree, the current fad of blaming Muslim radicalization on the “internet” is a crock.

In fact I believe its promotion a deliberate ruse to deflect culpability away from where it rightly belongs.

No one is radicalized in a vacuum.

Islam is a toxic cocktail of violence and victimhood mixed with supremacist doctrine that is fundamental to the cult’s survival.

Jihad is the means by which devout Muslims express their faith and advance this supremacist agenda.

Islam itself, the Muslim community and useful idiot multiculturalist apologists create a Petri dish ideal for radicalization.

  • David Murrell

    Our local-yokel newspaper carries Gwynne Dyer every Monday, and he is a pro-Islamist radical leftist. He is pro-Palestinian, and supports a “unified state”, something that would drive Jews from the middle east. In past columns, he has supported car burning in France, arsonist rioting in Britain, the Taliban in Afgsnistan, and virtually any Islamic terror taking place.

    It is good that this mindless book came out just before the mass murders in Paris. It makes his book look so irreverent and stupid. That the libersl-left Huffington Post woud pan ths book says much about how appallingly bad Dyer is. Gwynn Dyer opposes human rights. He lacks the moral decency to do so.

  • As long as no one accepts basic codes of morality and always presumes that bad actions can be explained away with some fatuous excuse, one should not be surprised at another of a long line of patently absurd rationales.

  • Katyn

    Islam IS what World War 3 is going to be. Every new war looked nothing like the past one. We’re just learning this same lesson all over again.

  • mobuyus

    When muslims say that the internet radicalizes them, they don’t mean the jihadi websites or the head chopping hip-hop videos. They are alluding to”Islamophobia”. It’s the “Islamophobia”that sets them off and if we all just sit still and shut up we will be OK.

    • Gary

      Right , but the Internet has Imams spewing jew-hatred and using the quran to show that they have a duty to allah to killing the unbelievers and do Jihad for the Global Caliphate.
      They don’t have to go to the local mosque , just the mosque on TV or the internet.

      Imam Steve Rockwell was honest when to spoke on the radio to John Oakley to claim that canada will be an islamic state one day because they are out breeding all other groups and will dominate as the majority.
      Rockwell used the quran to prove that muslims must demand sharia law where they live, plus if they are in a non-islamic nation they must impose sharia once they are the majority by jihad to claim that nation for allah as a caliphate.

      The RCMP and CSIS haven’t done squat to this guy that incites jihad and terrorism by his TV show ranting to tell muslims that the quran orders them to make Canada an islamic state.
      Meanwhile the RCMP and CSIS seem to be waiting for the bombs to go off so they can boast how the potential threat by muslims terrorism is confirmed since they had monitored them for 14 months.

  • JoKeR