Oxford University Criticized For Racist Great Gatsby Themed Ball

Critics have wondered why the colleges are commemorating ‘an era of history steeped in racism’

Racist Ball Poster

Entire eras are being declared off limits because racist by SJW’s

  • You can’t even use the name “Vikings” for a sports team anymore.

  • Clinton

    It’s got nothing to do with being reasonable or rational– it’s about SJWs
    signalling to everyone else how evolved and sensitive and superior they
    are by being outraged. Of course, in such “virtue signaling”, SJWs must
    look harder and harder to find reasons to be outraged, and must always
    assume that those they accuse have only the worst, least virtuous motives.

    It’s a bit like the prudery of Victorian times, where people would “virtue
    signal” their refinement and moral superiority by being outraged over
    anything that could be construed as a sexual reference. Back then,even
    calling a table leg a ‘leg’ could mark one as hopelessly vulgar. How
    else to “virtue signal” when real outrages are too hard to come by and
    everyone else is doing it?

    The only reasonable response to the hypocrisy and self-serving ‘virtue
    signalling’ of these modern-day Victorian SJWs is ridicule.

  • Clink9

    Heh. What happened to Get Rich or Die Tryin? Now it’s all, sit around and piss and moan at others having fun and getting ahead in life.

  • Dana Garcia

    Stalinists, like Muslims, hate fun.

  • Tom Forsythe