One of two Russians shot down by Turkey is ‘alive and well’ after dramatic 12-hour rescue mission

One of the two Russian pilots who parachuted from the flaming wreckage of the Sukhoi SU-24 fighter jet shot down by Turkey near the Syrian border yesterday has been rescued in a 12-hour operation which ended in the early hours of Wednesday.

President Vladimir Putin confirmed that the pilot, identified as Captain Konstantin Murahtin, had been rescued by Russian military in a joint mission with Syrian government forces, and taken to a Russian air base.

The news came as an audio recording emerged of the Turkish army warning Russian pilots they were violating their air space moments before shooting down the jet.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Thankfully they got at least one of them back.

  • Whatever happened to “shots across the bow”? Maybe Russia and Turkey weren’t exactly friends, but they weren’t exactly enemies either. And I seem to recall that they were at least “erstwhile” friends.

    Putin doesn’t blabber-mouth about exactly what action he is going to take in retaliation the way Obama does. All we know is he said he is going to take action. I think it’s a volatile situation.