Jonathan Haidt: High schools as baby asshat factories

From social analyst Jonathan Haidt:

A month before the Yale Halloween meltdown, I had a bizarre and illuminating experience at an elite private high school on the West Coast. I’ll call it Centerville High. I gave a version of a talk that you can see here, on Coddle U. vs. Strengthen U. (In an amazing coincidence, I first gave that talk at Yale a few weeks earlier). The entire student body — around 450 students, from grades 9-12 — were in the auditorium. There was plenty of laughter at all the right spots, and a lot of applause at the end, so I thought the talk was well received.

But then the discussion began, and it was the most unremittingly hostile questioning I’ve ever had. I don’t mind when people ask hard or critical questions, but I was surprised that I had misread the audience so thoroughly. My talk had little to do with gender, but the second question was “So you think rape is OK?” Like most of the questions, it was backed up by a sea of finger snaps — the sort you can hear in the infamous Yale video, where a student screams at Prof. Christakis to “be quiet” and tells him that he is “disgusting.” I had never heard the snapping before. When it happens in a large auditorium it is disconcerting. It makes you feel that you are facing an angry and unified mob — a feeling I have never had in 25 years of teaching and public speaking. More.

Reality check: At least if it is a private school, others are not compelled to pay taxes to support it.

But what kind of jobs will these junior jackboots get when they graduate from We’ll Fix U? Private industry recruiters say they are far too high maintenance. So who is Left?

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  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Were the Nazis just “asshats” or something much worse?
    These bitches are outright oppressive fascists.
    There needs to be more straight, white Christian conservative males in education.
    Too many women, even ones with good intentions, are outright toxic to boys and their development.
    Ghastly is the only printable word I can think of to describe them.

  • WalterBannon

    I do not hire kids from this generation any more

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      The ones that have at least one combat tour under their belts seem OK.

      • WalterBannon

        Well then they better get cracking on organizing a coup, because the left is flushing western civilization down the drain, and my generation is not going to save them from their nazi peers…

    • Bruised Orange

      I hear ya, I am 23 and I don’t associate with them and they are my peers. Totally f’upped generation.

  • Clausewitz

    Answering the question on what jobs they’ll be good for, I’d say little Jackboots for the Bureau of Land Management stealing land away from productive farmers for the new President for life Obama after Marshal law.

    • canminuteman

      And staff for concentration camps and human rights tribunals.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    You guys need to read the comment section at the link.

    Monsters DO walk amongst us.

    • Maggat

      Christ! Thanks but no thanks.