Is there a problem with Islam?


  • Hard Little Machine

    The New York Times saw that pic and blamed the Jewish control of gravity and Newtonian physics

    • BillyHW

      It’s a Zionist conspiracy.

    • Xavier

      Did you notice the global warming in that picture?

  • Blacksmith

    “AS WORLD leaders grapple with how to tackle Islamic State in the
    wake of the Paris attacks, some are wondering whether reform of Islam
    should be part of the solution.”

    Let me answer this one, no reform is necessary, complete eradication is required.

    Costello said for a sm”ll minority, their interpretation of the Koran was used to justify extremist behaviour.”
    Actually no, there is no interpretation, they are taking the Koran at is word. According to pisslam it cannot be interpreted in any way.

    • Dana Garcia

      The choppers always tell us that Islam is perfect as is and doesn’t need reform.

      Eradication sounds messy though, so I would settle for quarantine.


      They have plenty of acreage already and should be able to get along fine.

      • Xavier

        You say quarantine, I say eradication.
        Let’s compromise and do both.

        • Blacksmith

          Quarantine first?

      • Blacksmith

        Given the history of western countries maintaining borders and fences I think that unfortunately your solution would never happen. I wouldn’t mind if they spent the rest of their existence killing each other.

  • Blacksmith

    “The root cause of the current threat we face is a perverted strain of Islamist extremist ideology,” he said
    No the problem is ISLAM!

  • “His co-author, atheist Sam Harris said Islam had not experienced a “proper collision” with modernity, secularism and science the way Christianity had.”

    Actually, the collision most urgently needed is one with a sudden and total (that is to say bloody) defeat of every Jihadi and his inspiring Imam.

  • DMB
    • Alain

      Of course none of them would claim to be “gay” if it were not true in order to gain entrance to Canada.