How the twisted ideology of Islamic State came to dominate British universities

Why would Muslims born, raised and educated in the West gravitate towards extremism? This question seems to puzzle many onlookers, and the actions of these nationals seem beyond any rational explanation. What is overlooked is that the Isil propaganda machine cleverly and effectively taps into an already existing theological world view within young Muslim minds.

For the last twenty years I’ve witnessed the spreading of two toxic elements running amok in the West. One is Wahhabism, heavily pushed by Saudi Arabia via its preachers, sponsorship programs, mosque funding and book stores. Running parallel is a broader ideology of Islamism, a politicised Islam seeking to impose one version of Sharia on its citizens.

  • Adamantly

    These internal debates should be happening…but not in the Western world. They shouldn’t be here at all.

  • tom_billesley

    Academia is a land of whores.

  • Hktony

    Unis are bland guttless institutionalised whore houses. They give everyone a choice. You believe in political correctness or you are a racist and need to kicked out! No discussion necessary.
    Critical thinking, intellectual honesty, questioning all buried deep so small minded bigots can tell everyone how smart they are. These are the people who should be deported and charged with the death of europe. The rape of children. the bastards are english white people with painted smiles- I saw them and each one was a hateful disgusting person.
    I refuse to talk to them unless i tell them straight what i think. I no longer need to provide evidence or reason because they do not listen and i do not care what they say. Deport or jail them. Hanging would be fine too.