Gay Frogs with Viking fetish discriminate against female Christian white-water rafter


B.C. Human Rights Tribunal to the rescue!

  • Xavier

    You deserve an award for that headline.

  • David Murrell

    The BC HRC will rule against Ms. Paquette. HRCS hate Christans.

  • canminuteman

    The whole situation is a farce. They hadn’t hire her yet. Does that mean I can sue every company that didn’t hire me for discrimination? If I was an employer I wouldn’t want to hire anyone from U of O after their whole yoga stupidity. Would that be considered discrimination?

    In Canada, and every other “free” country in the world, we have “freedom of association” It’s pretty hard to argue that as an employer who signs peoples paychecks every week, I can’t select who those people are based on what ever criteria I choose.

    • Blacksmith

      So if a company discriminated against all Canadians and wouldn’t hire anyone but TFW employees that would be okay?
      There are many ways they could have not hired her, but being belligerent and hateful to her because she is a christian is over the line.
      I certainly believe in “freedom of association” as you say but it has been ruled you cannot discriminate in that way for hiring. An extension of what you are saying is that as an employer they can discriminate against black people because they don’t want to associate with them.

      • canminuteman

        I think the temporary foreign workers program is a scam that shouldn’t exist. You are right, the way they treated her was totally uncalled for. But it shouldn’t be criminal. If someone doesn’t like me for whatever reason they should be free to tell me, and I should be free to tell them to blow it out their arse. The government routinely violates our freedom of association rules, and people just take it because they are too lazy and poor to fight it, but the wording is pretty clear in the constitution that I can hire whoever I want for what ever reason I chose. I can start a club that only caters to a particular demographic. I can rent and sell my property o who ever I chose. The ruling that says you can not discriminate in private hiring is blatantly unconstitutional, in a real way, not a read in way.

    • unalien

      The entire human rights thing is BS,, an employer should be able to discriminate for any reason..

      However, I dd some research on these Amaruk guys, they are scammers, they never hire anyone, they steal identities. Everything about them is a fraud..

    • El Martyachi

      That horse has bolted from the barn to the ship that’s sailed and subsequently either sank or deposited said horse at a dogfood factory.
      A country can only hope to become or remain free when a majority of its citizens hold beliefs conducive to freedom, such as the freedom to “select … people based on what ever criteria I choose”. Most people don’t believe that anymore, for instance.

  • ontario john

    They still have Christians in BC? I learn something every day.

    • I live in BC and I’m a christian.

    • mobuyus

      The bible belt swings up from the mid western states right into and through the heart of BC.

  • John

    So he demanded the hearing be done in french?

    Had I been there I’d have answered him in french.

    Really good vulgar french.

    I suspect this has much more to do with savage misogyny on the part of these queers than anything else. Some gay men really hate women…I’ve known a few.

    • Kristie Fletcher

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  • Blacksmith

    It is all BS, there is no such thing as an intolerant leftist, They are all misunderstanding this. Somehow Trinity college forced them to all this you’ll see………

  • ontario john

    That would be a great title for a university course.

    • mobuyus

      Don’t give liberals any ideas the more boneheaded the idea the greater chance they’ll run with it.

  • mobuyus

    Any company claiming any amount of ghost employees and convoluted management structures reaching into Viking territory should be investigated for potential unemployment and tax fraud.

  • Jabberwokk

    Sucks to be on the receiving end don’t it?

    Also Christian extremist…..Oh yes fear us! Fear our bake sales and our DVD sets on “8 tips for a better marriage”! All an elaborate plot to brainwash you all!!!! We will burst into the room and yell “Jesus Loves you!” and throw Bibles and Communion wafers in the hopes(true or not) that you might gain immortality. Yes behold our great plan: Kill them all by wanting them to live forever!!1one Genius!