French politicians agree on strategy that may have helped generations ago: Force Imams to give sermons in French

Imams in France’s mosques should deliver all their sermons in French to help stop the spread of extremism, politicians on both sides of the French political spectrum argue.

With France in shock after the November 13th terror attacks in Paris, politicians on both the left and right are calling for Imams in the country’s mosques to preach their sermons in French only.

With some mosques considered to be breeding grounds for extremism, those politicians in favour of the move want the centres of worship brought under closer control.


Sorry France but that horse has left the barn.

Large swaths of France have already been colonized.

Good luck when the talks to cede territory commence.

  • Martin B

    Good idea, but if the enemy is bold enough to walk around with Shariah Pour La France signs, then French sermons probably wont stop them.

  • Millie_Woods

    Kalashnikov is becoming the official language in France.

  • john700

    The plan:
    – stop all legal imigration of Muslims into Europe
    – enforce Europe’s border

    – deport all illegals from Europe
    – deport all criminal aliens from Europe
    – ban Islam in Europe
    – convert all Muslims in Europe
    – those who don’t want to convert…hmmmm… ever heard of the St-Bartholomew Day?

  • canminuteman

    How would that help? How would that be enforced?