America’s Oldest Muslim Brotherhood Group Called Out For Anti-Black Racism

MSA Racist against Black MuslimsMuslims racist?  It can’t be!

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    ‘Hope they eat each other.

  • mobuyus

    What a shocking shocking surprise.

  • Gary

    Obama held up the Lady Liberty as the American values for not turning away the Syrian Muslim refugees .

    But he should do some checking on history for the 1960’s because the MB used the Black Panthers when they wanted to bomb the Statue in 1964 .


    Robert S. Collier – School Official, Black Panther & Accused Statue of Liberty Bomb Plotter

    *Many residents were saddened when they learned Collier died Feb. 12 ( 2010 report) at the age of 73, noting his community service and work with young people.
    Some were surprised to discover he was a member of the Black Panther movement four decades ago in New York City, learning of his affiliation with the group for the first time in Collier’s obituary, which ran in Saturday’s Journal.
    Collier made national headlines 45 years ago following his arrest in connection with a plot to blow up the Statue of Liberty as part of the Black Power movement.
    Collier and several others were arrested in February 1965 and charged with conspiracy to destroy Government property and conspiracy to smuggle explosives into the United States. Published reports at the time said Collier and the others were arrested thanks to the work of an undercover New York City police officer who had infiltrated the group of conspirators, known as the Black Liberation Front.
    The arrests made headlines around the country, and the case was featured in Time and Life magazines. Reports from the time indicate Collier was later convicted and served 21 months in prison.
    “Wow,” city school board President Ellen Staino said Saturday when told of Collier’s past. **( right , he was such a nice man and peaceful, they’re Shocked, shocked I tell you)**
    She praised Collier’s dedication to the district, where he served on the school board from 2000 to 2003.
    “Obviously he did a 180,” Staino said of Collier’s community work in Poughkeepsie. “He definitely brought his passion to want to be a good public servant.”
    According to the obituary provided to the Journal, Collier was a member of Hudson River Housing, the Ulster County Workforce Board, the United Negro College Fund and many other civic groups.
    In 1969, Collier made headlines again when he and 20 other Black Panthers were arrested and charged with plotting to bomb five of Manhattan’s biggest department stores in the days leading up to Easter.
    Known as the Panther 21 , they were acquitted two years later following a lengthy trial.
    Gladys Negron-Collier said her husband was a young man during a time in America’s history when blacks were denied basic rights and suffered from discrimination. She said her husband, whom she said she met more than 25 years ago, did not talk much about the Statue of Liberty case or his activities during those years.
    “We led a different life up here,” Negron-Collier said, noting her husband’s work to help young people and the homeless. “Everyone knew if they needed help with something, it was Robert they could go to,” she said.
    Collier eventually moved to Poughkeepsie and over the years worked with numerous community groups. He also served as an adjunct professor and instructor at Marist College and other local colleges and was a member of the Dutchess County Human Rights Commission. Thomas Jefferson, who served on the school board with Collier, said he “was an asset” to the district. Jefferson said he learned about Collier’s past after Collier was elected to the school board.
    “He didn’t mention it,” Jefferson said, adding “I was just amazed at all the good things he did.”


    Right, he was a Good man.
    Meanwhile the BLM street thugs and Obama now bitch about slavery and white privilege but somehow when a Community Organizer had ties to an islamic caliphate group that plotted to Bomb the Statue Of Liberty back in 1964 ….. What difference does it make now why he did whether it was muslim terrorist behind it or a few Black guys wanting to kill white Americans?

    I started to read Robert Collier’s Bio and thought it was Obama’s Bio . Plus he too wants to distance him self from islam and that Hateful Reverend Wright while he still has ties to CAIR that is tied to the 1950’s Muslim Brotherhood crusades.
    Take note of how many Blacks got sucked in to the Muslims ongoing Narrative of Black oppression the play the victim and incite violence. This explains the Black Converts in Prison and Black Convert going Jihad to behead white co-workers for allah’s cause.

    Obama and Justin don’t get it . islam and Muhammad wants to recruit people that are victims or perceived victims from their own short comings to be lazy and unproductive which is the White man’s fault or the System .
    I have never met so many angry hot heads in one faith as I see with the followers of islam and very overt in those debates where the islamophobe label come out to silence the truth…..hell….they’re even murdering each other after the Friday prayers by some ranting Imam that isn’t screaming ‘death to the jooooooz ‘ that day .

    History repeats itself from the 1930’s where this time the fascists are islamofascists , and now the 1960’s islamic threat to New York will be among Syrian muslim refugees as ISIS and other Jihadists for allah sneak in and may just get to bomb the Lady Liberty Obama is using to let them in.

    Since Justin now runs the RCMP and CSIS while Wynne bought off the OPP as the Toronto Police take orders from the Ontario Human Rights Commissions and Liberal leftists …….we’re $crewed for stopping jihad slaughters since CAIR cries islamophobia and racial Profiling when a Muslims IS arrested prior to a plot.
    Good luck trying to stop a Muslim kids with a Suitcase Bomb wired to the Digital clock since that ClockMed Muhammad is now suing for $15,000,000.00 from his hurt feelings and was Coached by CAIR as was Maher Arar and his $400 million extortion lawfare in canada for unproven Torture from his Globe Trotting.

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    “A black face begins a black day.” – Arab proverb

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    do they not know who was the main trader of blacks to the white man ? Muslims was the main seller/trader of blacks to the white man … dumb people…