Trouble in Paradise! ‘Daesh (ISIS) considers South Asians not men enough to fight’

Daesh does not consider South Asians, including Indians, good enough to fight in the conflict zones of Iraq and Syria and treated them as inferior to Arab fighters. However, it often tricks them into launching suicide attacks.

…There appears to be clear hierarchy wherein the Arab fighters are preferred as officer cadre and provided better arms and ammunition, equipment, accommodation and salaries.

“The fighters from South Asia are usually housed in groups in small barracks and are paid less than the Arab fighters and are provided inferior equipment,” the input says.

There are reports that the so-called inferior fighters are also, at times, tricked into suicide attacks. Usually they are given a vehicle loaded with explosives and asked to go near a targeted destination and call a certain number, who would purportedly come and meet them to explain the mission. However, as soon as the number is dialed, the car explodes due to a pre-set mechanism aimed at destroying a specific target.

Here’s my pending comment, since they probably won’t publish it:

Here’s a funny one. Omar Hussain, AKA Abu Saeed al Britania, a “British” ISIS recruit, (no doubt 2nd or 3rd generation Pakistani), blogs about how awful the Arabs in ISIS are. He complains that the Arabs suck at administration, have terrible manners, are childish, push to the front of the line and steal shoes.

““In the West, it is common knowledge to walk out of a room wearing the same pair of shoes that you wore while entering the room. Nay, it is common sense,” Hussain says… “Sometimes you would enter a building and when leaving, you would see the person with your shoes walking 100 yards ahead of you and it can be quite irritating.”’ [Independent, 17 September 2015.]

The Telegraph, 15 September 2015: ‘Their (the Arabs’) bad driving, habit of staring at people and using his (Omar’s) charger for their mobile phones also come under fire.’

In previous ISIS lack-of-vibrancy news.

  • DMB

    Since Boko Haram is an exclusively black African Islamic terrorist organization they are considered at the bottom of the racial hierarchy. Islamic Arabs uses Boko Haram not only to conduct terrorist activities in Africa but as middle men in the modern day Islamic slave trade. Since the Muslim prophet Mohammad was an Arab and their demon God Allah gave his Satanic revelations to him Arabs believe that they are the master race.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Oddly, the Master Race seems to be afflicted with a chronic case of premature ejaculation, according to every female I ever knew who made the mistake of bedding an Arab. Just a little thing I picked up along the way. Oh, and Arab men tend to be soft and mushy around the middle. One can see this in Toronto streets. Ugly, hirsute, overweight and with premature ejaculation issues – just WOW, right ladies?

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    There are viet cong and some Indian soldier in service with the British that might beg to differ with that whole South and Asian thing. The South Korean Marines also have managed to crank it up to 11.
    I’d love to see ISIS face-off with that bunch.

    Odd criticism, especially since this is coming from the Arab culture that has consistently the worst win-loss record in recorded history.

    • Minicapt
    • Justin St.Denis

      Seoul is a helluva party town! First visited in the late 1970s, and it was “peculiar”. 30 years later and Seoul is not the same city! Simply amazing. And the radio is really, really good, too. They do better, catchier American pop music than Americans do. 😉

    • canminuteman

      They are probably using the British definintion of the word asian, which is paki.

  • Gary

    I tired to warn people about the racism in islam by the master-race that don’t see Blacks as real muslims and nor are the pakistani or those born in India as muslims.
    But sure enough some muslims claimed I was a liar and islamophobe because islam allows anyone to join and muslims are not a Race of people.

    Tell that to the Brown Arabs that are Sunni’s in Saudi Arabia , they have a noose with Obama name on it once this idiot fulfils his purpose. True muslims must be able to read the quran in its pure form of Arabic….. but over 50% of the muslms can’t read in their own language while the number that read Arabic is scant which leaves islam down to about 200,000,000 followers at best and not the mythical 2 billion used to scare people by the number of potentail jihadists ready to die for allah.

  • canminuteman

    When they consider arabs their superior officer material I see room for optimism.