How Do You Stop ISIS from Coming Across Northern Border?

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was mocked for suggesting a wall be built along the border between America and Canada during his short-lived Republican presidential primary campaign. But Homeland Security officials take the idea of terrorists moving into the U.S. from Canada very seriously.

An October 2015 Senate Homeland Security Committee report showed because there are so few Border Patrol agents on the northern border, drug smugglers are able to easily move their products north and south across the border.

Not only is it the longest border in the world, it is one of the busiest. Approximately 300,000 people and $910 million in trade cross the northern border every day, representing the largest bilateral flows of goods and people in the world.

Imagine what could be hidden in that traffic.

  • mauser 98

    Hussein said ISIS contained?


    Trudeau Regime Throws Military Out of Barracks to Make Room for Syrian

    • Epic!

    • Clink9

      Nothing is more important than getting the freeloaders in by Christmas.

      It’s Turdo’s Manhattan Project.

      • Gary

        Liberal voters for life , that’s why Obama is letting about 20 million illegals to get Citizenship to vote along with bring in 100,000 muslims a year from pro-sharia anti-West islamic hell-holes.

        Liberals are much like the islamists that are willing to be killed then give up their values .
        The big issue is Diversity over islamic Supremacy and since Liberals aren’t strapping bombs on to get their way, my bet is on the islamists winning because Liberals will cling to their doctrine even if it kill us.

    • WalterBannon

      Obama has ISIS leaders contained… to the Whitehouse, where they are advising him on his strategy towards Israel

    • Gary

      Just wait for the bitching and endless whines for halal foods , prayer rugs, arrows pointing to mekkah , segregating women during prayers, WiFI links , TV’s , and a ban on Jews being on the base while all females on the base must wear Hijabs .

      They won’t be happy with just getting free Health Care and a welfare cheque, these aren’t Christian Syrians they are dealing with that would be grateful to get away from islam ….no sir, it’s muslims coming in that want to feel at home and have their qurans that tell them to claim non-islamic land for allah and caliphate.

      Don’t be fooled, these 25,000 are said to be traumatized from war while all the females are at risk for mental health issue from islams Misogyny and spouse abuse that is sanctioned in the quran.
      This means that Wynne will be stuck with at least 10,000 women going on ODSP for life and needing Mental Health support to never be self-reliant . Then we have the fatherless children to add to the current fatherless population that the same City Hall crowd claims to cause the crime issues and trouble teenage males .
      If they are healthy and sane to get jobs right away then they are really Immigrants jumping the queue to get in and go right onto Welfare. Lets not overlook how each Immigrant usually bring in 12 relatives and that currently Toronto is paying about $100,000,000.00 a year to support the Relatives of Immigrants that were sponsored into Canada and then dumped on Social services.

      Amazing how Liberals can have a Homeless crisis and Housing crisis where they want to raise taxes to solve it but somehow they forgot about the man that froze to death in Toronto last February and now there’s lots of Housing to bring in 25,000 foreigners to Toronto and NO Health Care crisis either.

      • mauser 98

        no waiting required… McCallum says trauma counsellors , job finding consultants there now on base

        …my head hurts

        • Gary

          Wait, the Liberals are going to find jobs for devout muslims with trauma issue from war and put us at risk for a Nidal Hussein Fort Hood slaughter of behead a co-worker from the voices in the muslims head to kill kill kill .
          I warned that the trauma levels of war will make the vast majority a ODSP case for the rest of their life . The there are the fatherless children which we have enough of and gave us the 1990’s Yonge street riot and looting .

          • mauser 98

            The Sun King is all knowing

  • Thank you Justin, for inspiring as much confidence in Canadians from our American brothers as they have for Mexican wetbacks.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    ….you can easily cross here, here, and here….many more, further W….

  • Shebel

    Probably the same stuff that is smuggled in along their Souther Border. Just a lot less.

    • According to documentaries, Canadian high-grade hydro weed goes south, in exchange for guns and coke coming north. At least it was that way a couple years ago — the pattern may have changed with the legalization of weed in the U.S.

      • Gary

        This is why i find it dangerous that the Politicians are so PC that they cling to the 1970’s Canada ideal to appease the minorities that all Cultures are equal and all groups and faith have extremists and criminals.
        My point is that they blame crime and gun related murders on some mythical white guys they never seem to catch because the Police are racists since the Most Wanted posters along with Murder victims are over 90% non-whites .
        Ask your self why it is that the Politicians at City Hall cling to the 1960’s image of Toronto to tell us how safe it is and yet approved the Police budget for Bullet proof vest and 2-person Cop cars at night .
        Which one is it John Tory because the guns and gangs crisis in Welfare housing had a pattern of growth in the 1980’s and is now the norm in Toronto’s City of Diversity that is Peace and strength.
        Since 9/11 there is a new pattern for Welfare housing at Regent Park plus the Dixon rd and Kipling ave area which is now producing young males loyal to the faith and willing to die for their god killing those not from their faith.

        We aren’t allowed to talk about the backgrounds of these groups because you get hit wit the label of a racist / islamophobe/ homophobic/ hater.
        So just sit back and wait for the bombs to go off while we also see 40+ homicides a year in Toronto to victims by those killers that are victims too and nobody is at fault because Society is to blame which mean Canada cause it.

        • Used to listen to criminologists lecture at my U. 20 years ago. They always said the same thing: “crime is going down”. They are still saying the same thing, which by my reckoning should mean that crime has practically disappeared by now. All I know is that as a kid even the jewellery stores didn’t have bars on the windows, according to Time magazine at the time only seven (7) Canadians needed a personal handgun permit, and the National murder rate was roughly five (5) annually.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …you can easily cross here, here, and here….many more spots further to the W…..

    • Pigeon River! You gotta be kidding. The only time I ever crossed illegally into the U.S. — I think I was about 18 years old (crossed illegally because I was refused entry for having long hair). Thought I was the only one who knew about the place (although I can’t tell from the map if it’s the same Pigeon River in the same Province).

  • Blacksmith

    There was a time when there was little need for border control agents between the US and Canada, I no longer think that is true, I think both nations should be wary of people coming from either nation.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Yeah, it cuts both ways doesn’t it?

  • Gary

    Thanks to the Muslim islamists , plus the peaceful moderates that stay quiet after every terrorism slaughter by fellow muslims , we now need a passport to enter the USA by Plane and get a double check crossing by car in many cases.

    Thank you islam, your 8th century hell-hole life styles and death cult sect is bent on making the whole Earth one big Hell-Hole with no more Music, no more comedy clubs to laugh, no more Olympics or baseball , no going to the beach with women , plus no PRIDE parade from the slaughtering of gays.

    If the plan is to make Canada an islamic state…shoot me now because I don’t want to retire Iran of gaza which muslims are importing here .
    Liberals will rue the day they made a free will choice to stay ignorant in life and let sharia law spread and Jihadists pour into Canada .

    • Cat-astrophe

      Those of us who know what’s coming for our grandkids already rue.

      There is only one premier left Brad Wall, the Saskatchewan Party who speaks up about any of Canada’s issues. Thanks Brad Wall.

  • simus1

    Cries for improved border security west of Lake Superior are primarily driven by the US political patronage system.

  • WalterBannon

    Turdeau is importing thousands more terrorists, so America SHOULD be afraid of this border. There have already been cases of terrorists coming from Canada to America on that border. With the latest insanity you can expect more.

  • Fredrick. Allen.Ginsberg

    John “scotchscotchmorescotch” McCallum will ……burp..them properly.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      From behind the wheel of his Chevrolet.
      I have no problem with McCallum being a drunk.
      Even when he’s sober he’s an incoherent goof.

      • Justin St.Denis

        A roaring drunk by all accounts.

        • In his last press conference his nose was beyond red — it was purple.

  • Xavier

    You ask every single person crossing, “Who is the Great One?”

  • Shebel

    There is a blazing fire. Here is a Koran. Do you really want to cross this Border?

  • Kathy Nelson

    The northern border of the US is just as fragile as its southern border. Now with insanity in the form of Justin Trudeau, who wants to infect Canada with even more islamic terrorists than the lying retard Obama, it will be necessary to fence both borders. Canada should do the same.

    It would be easier on both Canada and the US to just invade Mexico and push the southern border to the Panama Canal. Easier to fence off. Texas is too goddamn big to run a fence through.

    Oh, and if you Canadians want, you can have California. Trudeau would fit right in with the flamers in the Hollywood parks.

    • Shebel

      Are you kidding?

    • mauser 98

  • Concerned Canadian

    Why is it that Americans never think that any bad guys might want to cross the border from the US. It is always about someone coming in. I realize that you are the Great Satan and therefore the prime target but borders generally run both ways.

    • Shebel

      The Mexicans will becoming in like crazy now that Justin has reversed their Visa requirements.