Dartmouth prez investigates student asshat invasion of campus library

Asshat invasion here.

From Breitbart:

President Hanlon expressed praise for the goal of “social justice” in his email but went on to say that abusive language is “not acceptable.”

Where is the social justice angle, in preventing other students (many of whom may have gone into debt) from studying at the library?

The local police chief says no crime occurred, and he is right.

An assault on the intellectual life is not a crime. But the university that tolerates it is unnecessary to the intellectual life.

Question: How many hours did they have torture the adminbot prez, to get him to issue his pathetic gesture of protest. Why did he even bother?

Reality check: For yay years, I have read reams of traditionalist angst against what was happening, and find that it usually missed the point.

Adminbots try to sound upset because the modern-day Vikings* would rather raise heck at schools than study there, without asking, really, why?

Why? Because the post-modern deconstructed humanities are just a waste of time anyway.

Adminbots don’t put up with students terrorizing, maybe eventually torching, libraries just because thosee adminbots are bad people. Bad people might have the students shot.

Nor because they are weak people. Weak people can be replaced by strong or bad people, if much is at stake. But much ISN’T at stake. That’s the point.

Far from it, what the asshat students need in order to occupy the positions they will occupy later in life is precisely the qualities they are exhibiting and learning to finesse now.

The main thing for the rest of us is to stop supporting U’s financially. Progressive governments can compel the money from us. So let them.

* Yes, that’s what Vikings did at monasteries (essentially the schools of their day) 1500 years ago. They had their angst, their reasons, and their grievances too.

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  • Mark

    Disturbing the peace is still an offence in most jurisdictions. Clearly these ‘protestors’ were disturbing the peace enjoyed by the other students.

    • David Murrell

      …and the peace dsturbersare the asshat arts and social science majors; the victims are real students studying in real major areas.

  • bob e

    how many of these black mofo’s do you actually think qualify to be
    at this ivy league school ??

    .. when the coin flips back, it ain’t gonna’ be fun
    being black where your only skills are welfare fraud, drug dealing
    armed robbery .. & pimping

    • Clausewitz

      I guess they think, “Well there’s always politics”. They’ll fit right in.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Again though, cultures make their own worst decisions. An Ivy isn’t immune from waking up one day and going full on Easter Island to its own extinction. If their little hearts can’t take the strain, the oppression, the outrage, of attending the most exclusive, expensive and elite universities in the world, then dumb it down. Dumb it way way down. It won’t be so hard or exclusive any more. It will still be very expensive but so is every other tiny private liberal arts college no one’s every heard of.