Can we hold non-profits legally liable for sponsoring jihadi immigrants?

Some of us legislators are thinking about a bill which would require Refugees and Asylees in Wyoming to register with local law enforcement (like sexual predator registration).  Penalties for failure to register TBD.

Further, we would hold sponsoring agencies -Lutheran Family Services, Catholic Charities, etc. liable (criminally? financially?) for any Refugee’s or Asylee’s failure to register.

Our bill would apply to any Refugee or Asylee regardless of national origin, gender, race, religion, etc., so it wouldn’t be religious discrimination.

We often hear of the government losing track of immigrants, refugees and asylees.  This would fix that, at least for refugees and those granted asylum in this country.  This would add a level of security for Wyoming residents.

I like the idea of holding NGOs such as Lutheran Family Services and Catholic Charities accountable for their charges, for whom they are vouching.

  • I hope so.

  • G

    Just MAKE UP something to sue them for.
    The excuse doesn’t have to be jihadis. It could be anything: “Oops! I slipped on your icy sidewalk & hurt my back!”

    “Hey Wow! Now that you’ve discontinued your plans to sponsor jihadis, my back sudden;y feels much better!”

  • Blacksmith

    I would agree with all of that If you are not a jihadist and assimilate into society there will be no drama. If you are then we know who and where you are. You come from a known hotbed of anti western hate and general intolerance. It is stupid and naive not to monitor these people, if after a couple decades they are well assimilated and speak the language and conform to our laws then we can ignore them.
    As to the charities, they definitely should be held accountable. In my mind it is insane that they are doing the job the govt should have been doing all along. They should only be allowed to assist those that were properly vetted by the govt. I won’t even get into the issues I have with the govt itself.

  • marty_p

    It was reported on Toronto radio that the Syrian refugees will be allowed to leave their initial housing on army bases after they received their “refugee status” at the 30 day mark and they could go anywhere they wanted in Canada – this is gonna be one Hell of a Cluster-F*ck.

    • reidjr

      From my understanding they will be able giving a list and will be able to pick off that list take Ontario Toronto and Ottawa are the 2 most will pick the catch is each will have a cap on how many they will take.

  • Ottawa Eyes

    They should start with the Tsarnaev family who were accepted in the USA as “refugees”. Were they sponsored by any group?

    There were 4 people murdered and 264 injured in both the bombing and the killing of a police officer later.

  • barryjr

    This is a no brainer, if you feel secure enough that these refugees are no threat to your neighbours then you will have no problem with being criminally and/or financially liable for them. If you have any doubts at all about accepting this responsibility then you shouldn’t be sponsoring them.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Add my voice as in favor.

  • Zaba

    And…include their donors.