Your Climate Change and Terrorism Update


It’s a critical moment for Canada on the world stage, a chance to show just how serious the country is about battling climate change. Next week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – accompanied by most of the premiers – travels to Paris for a major global meeting on what many consider the planet’s most pressing problem.


Regarding El Nino:

Every month the IRI/CPC (Columbia U and NOAA) publishes a plume of forecasts about the temperature anomaly in the Pacific’s Niño3.4 region. The November plume shows the anomaly as 2.5°C in October. The average of dynamic models predicts 2.6°C in the Nov-Jan quarter, then a rapid fall. Statistical models predict 2.5°C in Nov-Jan, then a rapid fall. Neither suggests a long or “Godzilla” El Niño. Time will tell if these forecasts are accurate, too high, or too low.


How many chemical weapons does it take to upset the ecosystem?

The Islamic State (Isis) has reportedly set up a specialised research branch to develop chemical weapons. The terror group has employed scientists from Iraq, Syria and some other neighbouring countries to develop advanced weapons.



  • Luckily for Trudeau et al, Paris is currently in a state of high alert — security everywhere. If I were an ISIS planner the climate conference, attended by “infidel” leaders from around the globe, would be the perfect venue to make an earthshaking statement. Can you imagine the impact if Jihadists succeeded in blowing 20 or 30 world leaders to smithereens, in one fell swoop?

    And as Osumashi indicates, there’s always the possibility of a chemical (or biological) attack — massive environmental impact. I think everyone instinctively understands that it’s only a matter of time. Also the possibility of a “dirty bomb”. And on the less sophisticated end, the tactic of simply storming a venue with enough firepower — guns, grenades, rocket launchers etc. — has already proven successful for the Jihadis. Since martyrdom is an ideological feature of these attacks, escaping alive is somewhat irrelevant. Simple knife attacks work too

    But Justin can rest assured that nothing will happen — leaders can happily bubble-wrap themselves in the security environment and muse about the “dangerous weather” while sipping expensive French wines and dining on arguably the best cuisine in the world, in a beautiful temperate climate.

    Only one question: If terrorism is caused by Climate Change, then why not hold the climate conference in Allepo, Syria and invite ISIS to the table?

    • WalterBannon

      Muslims are bunch of pussies – if they had real conviction, instead of killing a bunch of women and tourists they would target political leaders at high profile meetings like this.

      Do you hear that you muslim pussies? Do you have any balls? I dare you.

  • WalterBannon

    Next week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – accompanied by most of the premiers – travels to Paris and gets blown up by muslims, I hope.

    Politicians are found of saying they speak for everyone, so its a good time to speak for them. make sure you post lots of insults of Mohammad on French islamic sites in the name of turdeau…

    • I don’t think Trudeau could complain that we are engaging in “impersonation” by speaking for him and saying to the Islamists:

      “Your goal is not a Global caliphate, you are not fighting for Mohammad, you are not fighting infidels because you are commanded by the Koran. You are fighting because of Climate Change. Your stated inspiration for Jihad is simply a lie invented by your enemies. We at the Climate Conference realize that your JIhad is inspired by our common enemy: Global Warming. Mohammad is irrelevant to it because Mohammad is irrelevant to science. Thank you for joining us in our fight.”
      (Message to ISIS — Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, Climate Conference, Paris 2015)

      • Minicapt

        I would suggest that Justine’s mention of Mohammed should be in the context of “Mohammed the First Ecological Warrior”, creator of deserts and wastelands.


        • I hate to give them ideas, but your sarcasm is probably not far off the mark. Except they would put an opposite spin on it — Mohammad, ecological warrior against the capitalist imperialist crusaders who are destroying the natural environment in the Middle East.

          My gut feeling is that the Progressive Left is working overtime to find a way to combine the two ideologies so they can co-exist: Socialism with Islamism. A globalizing principle — e.g. “global warming” — is the only way to do it. Both Socialism and Islamism are fascist ideologies so they already have that in common — both believe in absolute government. Now how to globalize that? Progressive think-tanks are frantically brainstorming to find a way before they end up on Islamist head-lopping chopping block themselves.

  • andycanuck

    I watched a brief bit of news that said the First Ministers meeting was going to include discussing the 25,000 homeless, er, “Syrian” “refugees” too. I would call that a small victory but I know almost all of them will support it.