White student unions?

Let’s hope it’s a hoax. But see this.

I believe the people promoting this are agents provocateurs, but one may as well know they are out there, and may have an effect.

If everyone whomever is a wounded rage bunny, we will be in monstrous debt to afford all the counsellors – who will, of course be wounded rage bunnies themselves, getting paid to rant, obsess, and march.

And just forget getting any work or study done, or having normal relationships anywhere near a U.

Drop out if this is true. Better yet, run.

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  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Whaddya you mean you hope it’s a hoax?
    It’s my turn.


  • V10_Rob

    I would not be surprised if this turns out to be an Anonymous operation. It has all the hallmarks…

    Take a current trend, extrapolate it to a logical but controversial outcome, balanced delicately between plausibility and satire. Wrap it in a slick social media presentation, quietly release it online, then sit back and enjoy the lulz as the internet loses its collective $#!^.

  • john s

    I think it makes a statement. I for one am sick of being in the only race track t cannot be proud of itself or for exclusive groups. Of courseI a mold so I still use the actual definition of racism, not the bullshite modern one.

  • G

    It might be a hoax or well done satire but I kind of hope that the idea of whites banding together in groups for mutual; support catches on.

    I don’t mean pansy-assed support groups where a bunch of wimps go to cry on each other’s shoulder. Nothing formal or structured. No Facebook pages, No twitter or websites or regional/national meetings. No membership cards.

    I’m talking about loose collections of like minded, WHITE people who understand whites are under attack and informally pledge to support other whites and just as informally share the idea that nonwhites are not welcome within the group.

    Such a lack of structure would make such groups hard to combat because the enemies would have no one to point to.