Revealed: Three British women are exposed as ISIS supporters who are spreading extremist ideology in Britain and encouraging young girls to join the jihadists in Syria

A group of British women have been exposed as ISIS sympathisers who are promoting extremist ideology in the UK and encouraging ‘impressionable young girls’ to travel to Syria.

Their behaviour came to light following a 12-month undercover investigation which saw a team of Muslim reporters infiltrate the group’s inner circle.

The three ISIS supporters are seen glorifying jihadis, telling young Muslim women that Britain is waging war against them and using racially abusive language to describe Jews and Israelis.

  • Petrilia

    Why did it take 12 months? I will be asked why 12 months? I will answer this is a dire war situation, not a policing one and this should have been solved in a couple of months. I think of the brave British women at Bletchly Circle, who decoded and had people act more quickly than this. 70 years ago. I thought our technology was greater. Is this ISIS enemy worse than the Nazis. Maybe arresting these three in a svere way, in a couple of weeks might have prevented Paris. Or is it too radical for OUR GOVERMENTS to severely question OUR ENEMIES in niquabs. Too Politically Correct? Then I must ask. Does the civilized West, really want to win this war against ISIS? I know ordinary tax paying citizens do, only to betrayed by the words of their so called leaders.

  • ed

    well butter my butt and call me a biscuit ! I`m shocked really shocked !