Paris Attacks Show Cracks in France’s Counterterrorism Effort

French law-enforcement authorities had Hasna Aït Boulahcen in sight long before she surfaced as a suspected accomplice in the Paris terror attacks and died during a police raid. Her phone had been tapped as part of an unrelated drug-trafficking investigation, according to people familiar with the matter.

It wasn’t until days after the Nov. 13 attacks that French authorities learned that Ms. Aït Boulahcen was the cousin of Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a notorious Islamic State operative suspected of directing the terror spree that killed 130, the people familiar with the matter said.

  • Alain

    There is plenty of reason to believe that it is much the same throughout the West. Yet all just keep inviting in more of the same people.

    • Bataviawillem

      And it will get ever more violent.

  • “Paris Attacks Show Cracks In France’s Counterterrorism Effort”?

    If it was only “Cracks” it would be a good deal.

    The Paris attacks show how stupid the French and European “progressives” have been about allowing a fifth column into their societies. This is just the beginning of a long and bloody affair.

  • mobuyus

    All on watch lists should be liquidated. No one cares, and those that do could be liquidated as well.

  • mobuyus

    The Ottawa citizen is reporting that gay men will be included with the refugees Canada will take in. Because I guess liberals believe that gay muslim men pose absolutely no terrorist threat what so ever. Liberals think that all gay muslim men are nice pink shirted cbc types. What could go wrong here. All gays are not terrorists, but all terrorists are gay.

    • Alain

      They may not even be real “gay” men. Islamic clerics have stated that being sodomised for the cause of allah is recommended and accepted. Let’s see how this actually turns out.

  • Minicapt

    The WSJ and AP are quite capable of batting 1.000 with their expertise in using 20/20 hindsight. And judicious leakages.