Gay Men Will Be Joining Syrian Women and Children in Liberals’ Hastily Re-Designed Refugee Plan

Well, that’s something:

The federal government will include gay men among the Syrian refugees it brings into Canada as part of a plan that puts the focus on accepting women, children and families.

People who voted for Trudeau are ready to buy bridges that aren’t for sale.

Before one forgets:

Trudeau says the PMO was making sure it could take political advantage of those families that were being accepted, something he calls “disgusting.”

He says a Liberal government would “absolutely not” prioritize religious and ethnic minorities.

For those who never think anything through: if Islam is peaceful, why do people flee from Islamic countries, particularly women, gays, atheists and religious minorities whom you believe are treated equally anywhere but in Western countries?

How do you cram 25,000 into Toronto before Christmas at a maximum of caution and a minimum of price?

Do you really think that ISIS gives a sh– whether or not a handful of malcontents slag some Muslimas online? Look at France and Sweden. They both have Stockholm Syndrome and they are STILL terrorised.

How many unvetted Syrians are you taking in?

  • ismiselemeas

    So I guess the fellows in the photo all kick for the other team? Makes sense.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Note to self: All single muslim men will become fags.

    • Very good point. Being Gay is the easiest thing to fake. How do you screen for it? You can’t require the applicant to give a public (or private) demonstration.

  • Martin B

    Fags fleeing Islam get priority.

    Christians & Yazidis fleeing Islam can go to Hell.

    That’s swell, just swell.

  • WalterBannon

    gay men like the gay rent boy terrorist?

    That should work out well

    all muslims are terrorists

    deport them all

    hang our politicians for treason

  • Xavier

    Do those come with the blessed anal ied?

  • AD

    Someone needs to point out to these bleeding hearts that prioritizing the ethnic and religious minorities is the only real moral choice.
    These are the people who will never be able to return to their homes even if the wars come to a reasonable conclusion. (Impossible) And the Muslim countries will never take them. So Trudeau is consigning these people to an endless life in refugee camps.
    Great moral judgement from the Liberal Party.

    • The ethnic and religious minorities are not only persecuted by ISIS (actually slaughtered in droves), but by regular Muslims — their fellow citizens — which includes some of the current refugees. The fact is the minorities were persecuted by their fellow citizens long before ISIS came on the scene. At least when the Assad Government was still in control, he afforded the minorities protection by the rule of law (there are numerous testimonials to this effect from independent sources).

      Syrian refugees should not only be screened for possible recent ties to ISIS, but for past abuses against their fellow citizens who are minorities, and any criminal antecedents they may have in that regard. But I don’t see how any screener can possibly do that without cooperation with Assad — the Government would have the documentation!

      The Trudeau project is destined for disaster. The refugees should have stayed in camps in a “safe zone” in the region under International protection, and processed individually as documents may become available. Meeting white elephant “quotas” is asinine given the conditions. We should focus our energy on the most vulnerable — the minorities, who are persecuted with or without the presence of ISIS. They can probably never return even if the fighting ceases. Other Syrians can.

  • Ottawa Eyes

    Remember that the fleeing Paris bomber that is being sought by the police hung out in gay bars.

  • marty_p

    John (I’m still in the closet) Moore on CFRB advised his listeners that he was overjoyed this morning when he heard the news.