Beyond Sadness!

“…And then, there is the white house statement, issued as only after spokesman Kirby was asked about it during a news conference and after an unseemly delay, Kirby said, ”We were deeply saddened…,”. Oh yes, there is the sadness again! They referred to Ezra’s murder as one among other “…tragic incidents…” implying that there are what they would call “tragedies” on both sides.”

  • Martin B

    If the slaughter of American soldiers on their own base is just an unfortunate act of workplace violence, then it’s no wonder that the slaughter of an American boy in Israel is just one among other tragic incidents.

    • mobuyus

      The only way to get their attention would be to reposition the body on a nice section of a turkish beach.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The State Department’s attitude toward Jews hasn’t changed since the 1930s.