U Guelph students understand way better than adminbot they harass


Reality check: The students understand what has changed. Their spineless, punching bag, by contrast, is barely avoiding Code Blue.

It has such a stagey feel. Canada does not have a history of race-based slavery as a driver of the economy. Most black people in Canada have a family history of coming here as immigrants like everyone else.

Yes, racism exists and it matters. A really good example of it is black students insisting on having a black counsellor in principle, whatever the issue, which is a form of apartheid.

Watch how happy the adminbot will be once she can cave to their demands, just to keep tax money flowing down her particular sinkhole. The entitled students know their victim.

The main thing to see is why: The humanities are no longer disciplines; that kind of crap went out when post-modernism and deconstruction came in. They are now nurseries for ‘crats.

Later, the rampaging students will probably go on to “help” and “empower” others into positions where they are – for the most part – government dependents themselves.

Safety consists in joining the parade of victims. True, there will soon be only a few left watching. Those few may well be assaulted. They must be the perps, right?

No one is the villain. Jobs to China and AI mean that the world doesn’t “need” a lot of people here the way it used to. The way it once needed short order cooks, fishermen, nurses, guys who would go down the mine, and highschool teachers who taught classical literature to people who thought they should know a bit of it.

The bigger the drama our new student class creates, the more clearly they advertise what has changed. For people who do not see themselves as victims, all that remains is to defend oneself against the coming onslaught of victim entitlement.

The main thing is to be a ‘crat on the coming victim farm.

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Why campus purges will get worse

  • Well said Denyse.

  • Wally Keeler

    typical of our education system; both sides are driven by female voices. Note the absence of a male voice in the confrontation above. The matriarchy has not only landed but has begun to devour itself.

    • ntt1

      That is starting to be a very real factor, my personal gripe is usually female safety officers with no background except a puffery degree, mandating and enforcing increasingly silly work place rules.
      The problem is that the, again usually, female staff at work safe or workman’s compensation will seize on these silly rules to deny benefits due to legitimate workplace accidents and long term exposures to hazards.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        If you appoint a safety officer you give someone a hammer to go hunting nails.
        About the only rule I have agreed with in the past twenty years is the one that addresses excessive perfume use.

        • ntt1

          I have had limited success in advocating all safety officers employ an am/slan interpreter for monday morning safety meetings;by taking a page out of cloward/pivens strategy to overload the system to collapse. however, these days i am reduced to shouting !!WHAT!! periodically.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            Can I suggest that Wet Floor signs are a danger that should be addressed?

  • marty_p

    Where be the Black mayor of Toronto? You be havin a white mayor for the white people – where be our Black Mayor for the Black people?”

  • David Murrell

    Sorry, Blaze, I could only watch the first 5-10 seconds of this loudmouthed drivel. Too depressing to think tha BS like this goes on at universities.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I watched the whole thing.
      It’s endlessly entertaining.
      The prime method of argument is to repeat a phrase over and over again.
      And to state that they dint have to come to Guelph to get their inter-gubmint’l studies degree.

  • Chatillon

    The demands that were presented evidently were in response to problems that the students had been aware of since they arrived at UofG…in some cases known for TEN YEARS (@5:07)

    LOL! “Ten years?” What course of study lasts ten years and who pays for it?

    • ntt1

      any course involving studies in intersectionality, new bullshit appears daily , its the Aegean stables all over again.

  • Clear Thinker

    The good news is people is that no one will hire a batchelor of douchebaggery from the U of G for the next 15 years. As a person of some minor intelligence, and children who seem to express the same gifts in thinking, we have avoided the General Liberal Arts at all costs. It could be said that we have also avoided the insane taxation required to fund such stupidity. When these idiots graduate, they will be working at the hotels or restaurants we dine at. They will be washing the dishes and cleaning up the dog poop where we walk our dogs. I can say with some accuracy that these idiots will never have meaningful work or accomplishments ever in their lives, and this is suitable, this is all that they have earned. My children laugh at them from their vacations in warm places or ski hills with 9000 feet or vertical or more. This may seem haughty or crass, but I survived the parents and enablers of these fools, sadly, they will not.

    • ntt1

      but that’s just it. If she is black then she is hired. It doesn’t matter how stupid she is. Now our boy king has returned the totalitarian long form census we had all better be on our toes to promote hiring of tokens over competence. Meritocracy is so dead white male. Besides most HR staff are themselves holders of puff degrees and recognize their fellow travellor over any competent applicant

  • Guerff? Gueff? Guaff? Guert? Jett??