Six Muslims with British passports arrested in Belgium as UK hate preachers linked to Paris attacks mastermind

SIX Pakistani-born British men have been arrested in Belgium after being spotted in old ambulances near Brussels while the capital was in lock down amid fears of a Paris-style terror attack.

A heavily-armed anti-terror unit swooped on the group near a petrol station which is regularly used by Salah Abdeslam – the fugitive terrorist still at large eight days after 130 people were killed in the French capital.

Six armoured trucks and a police car rushed in after the old ambulances were parked in a rest area beside the E411 highway in Bierges, south-east of Brussels, at around 2pm local time on Saturday.

The Pakistani-born British men were questioned by security forces as officers continued to search the ambulances – two Fiats and a Mercedes with British number plates.

  • tom_billesley

    Stymied by the heightened awareness after the Paris attacks.
    Victims of islamophobia. /sarc

  • ntt1

    I wonder if the jihadis were using the same ploy as the fakestinian gunmen of the last “uprisings” and using ambulances as troop and munitions carriers.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Who drives a Fiat?
    Fix it again tony.