Progressive liberalism is the enemy of tolerance

Multicultural liberals are always trying to police debate. A tolerant society does not abandon the freedom to argue

“…Against traditional liberalism stands multicultural liberalism, which the majority of people who call themselves “progressives” believe. An unimprovable example of how it turns old certainties on their heads came two days before the Paris massacres. The Muslim Council of Britain demanded a blasphemy law because “Muslim communities need to be able to respond to accusations [against] Muslims, or against the Prophet, in a more effective way”.

  • Nice photo. Lots of Muslims sitting around watching some poor soul getting his head lopped off by some deranged 7th century barbarian.

    Today’s Islam. And today’s cause celeb for the modern progressive.

    • tom_billesley

      Part of the reason for the gas chambers was that SS officers complained that their men psychologically could not tolerate so much mass shooting. Mahometans would not have that problem.

      • Gary

        I noticed that , and it take a serious blood lust and mental disorder to slaughter person after person like some automaton at Disney World.
        But these muslims are semi-human and not at Disney World acting out a beheading.
        Muhamad claimed this was from allah , so that pretty well explains islam .

    • Gary

      I’m sure the headless man’s family will get great comfort from Ben Afflect telling them that the vast majority of muslims don’t want to chop of someone head and that they just want to pay taxes, go to their jobs and take their kids to soccer practice.

      Then tell us Ben , which Nations have all those 99% peaceful muslims.

      Please give us the list .

  • wallyj180

    I predict there will be a ‘ blasphemy’ law in Canada by the end of JT’s 4 years.

    Criticizing or questioning Islam is already stigmatized.
    The next step is to criminalize it.
    It will be done by lumping all religions together as one protected group.

    The legislation will likely be first tested as a private member’s bill. If it doesn’t make it through the backdoor, the Libs will whip it into law through the front door.

    Incrementally we will become Sweden.

    • Alain

      I suggest that having reinstated the court challenge program was the first step.

  • Again, nothing progressive about people who want to drag us into the Stone Age.