Muslim who posted YouTube speech condemning Paris atrocities gets death threats from British born Mohammedans

The Muslim scholar who made an impassioned speech condemning the Paris attacks on YouTube has received death threats from ISIS’ online supporters.

In the three minute video, which has been seen by tens of thousands of people, Mufassil Islam, 49, said: ‘If you don’t like this country, why the f*** did you come?’

He has now told MailOnline that he is being threatened by British youngsters.

Mr Islam said: ‘I am getting death threats from British kids… British Bangladeshi kids, or Asian kids, they are born and bred here. They support ISIS.’

  • pdxnag

    And yet he still has not declared his apostasy from genuine Islam?

  • BillyHW

    Death threats? They must not be true muslims but followers of Islamismismismism.

    • JoKeR

      But, but, but, it’s the Religion of Peace™!

      • BillyHW

        Stop reading those bullshit papal encyclicals. They’re melting your brain.

    • simus1

      The death threats would likely originate from the spawn whose Bangladeshi forebears were atrocity participants and active war criminals/irregulars who supported the Pakistan Army butchery campaigns against independence minded people.

  • Shebel

    How do you think the rest of us feel ?

    • Gary

      I found it so funny when the Wednesday issue of METRO had a Hijab clad women on the front page as a victim from the quranic inspired Paris slaughter last week .
      This Muslima ( potential suicide bomber from SJS) claimed that her hijab makes her feel a target to speak for all muslims as guilty for the terrorism as a fellow muslim.
      Hey lady , now you know how non-muslims feel as targets to be murdered for allah as part of the quranic teachings that every one of the current 6,000,000,000 non-muslims ion Earth as enemies of islam to be killed.
      She has the luxury of fabricating a hate-crime while the Police are now forced to report it as factual which help muslims push their victim hood envy and get more Mosques in Public schools and prayer spaces at your Work Place along with banning Pork in the Lunch Rooms.

      With only 1,000,000 muslms in Canada at this point and seeing how the Toronto-18 muslim terrorists wanted to slaughter 5,000 plus of us with their truck bombs…… we’re in deep trouble as L’il Justy open the doors to pro-sharia islamists that want us dead even before they get here.
      When the muslims population hits 3 million get ready for the new norm of Security checks very where for Gov buildings and bombs going off at the PRIDE parades and gay bars .

      The odds of Canada having 100% of the peaceful muslims is about that same Odds as seeing a Muslim charged with a hate-crime after beating-up and beheading a gay jew while the muslim praises Hitler right in front of a gay German background Toronto Cop .

  • terrence

    What took them so long to make death threats?

  • DMB

    This guy’s life is definitely in danger since the British police are more concerned about preserving Quran’s then the lives of “apostate” Muslims or even unbelievers.

  • Gary

    I thought that the CBC would have had Sheema Khan ( from the hamas linked CAIR) on to reassure us one more time that 99.99% of the muslims are peaceful and reject violence .

    With all the horrors and quranic inspired barbarism going on around the World….I could use a good laugh listening to Khan’s ( aka Con-Job Khan) tiqayyah rants of islam meaning Peace as she wads through the Terrorism blood and body parts .

  • SDMatt

    British-born Mohamadans you say? And Justine Trulander is “only bringing in” women and chilluns to Canada – he must have some sort of pixie dust that’ll prevent the chilluns from taking Islam to heart and behaving as their “British” counterparts do.

  • ed

    just another lying “taqiyya” artist .never ever believe a single word a muslim speaks