Is there really any difference between Islam and “Islamism”?

“I recently spoke to the London Atheist Activist Group and the Central London Humanists, and I devoted large chunks of both talks to questioning the term “Islamism”. My points were in the main well-received.

I’m finding this term Islamism increasingly problematic. I’m setting out here some of the points I made in my talks, plus a few more.”

  • It is obvious that Islam has a bipolar/dichotomous nature. Muslims themselves are quite aware of this, (although they might not refer to it as bipolar or dichotomous.)

    When I refer to this bipolar/dichotomous nature I am referring to the two, well known, periods of Mohammad’s prophetic life.

    (1) His early years were spent in Mecca. Here he preached peace and harmony, and attempted to attract followers with good will.

    (2) The period, after he made his passage to Medina, where his preaching changed. In Medina he began to preach violence and converted followers by the sword. (This second violent nature persisted until Mohammad’s death.)

    These bipolar sides of Islam provide Muslims (and gullible, well-meaning PC Westerners) with an easy excuse to explain away reasonable concerns after every Islamic terror attack, atrocity, or irregularity.

    One of my favorite examples of this bipolar nature is on the issue of apostasy. (When a Muslim tries to leave the Islamic faith.) Muslims and their apologists will routinely quote the earlier Meccan phrase, “There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion.” (Surat Al-Baqarah [verse 256]).

    But because of the Islamic principle of “abrogation” (The later Medina verses overrule conflicting earlier Meccan verses.) All good Muslims know this earlier Meccan verse has been superseded by the latter Medina verse, “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.” (Bukhari 9.84.57)

    Obviously there is an important difference here, if a Muslim tries to leave the Islamic faith.

    Because of this bipolar nature of Islam, Muslims (and apologists) routinely point to the “no compulsion” phrase. But Muslims know (all too well), if they quit Islam, they risk death at the hands of some other Muslim. (This feature of Islam alone makes Islam a cult.)

    This bipolar nature gives Muslims an opportunity to practice the Islamic art of “taqiyya” (religious deception). Saying one thing, and meaning something entirely different.

    This bipolar nature is woven into the heart and soul of Islam. It provides a continuous form of deception which makes it difficult to discuss the issue of Islamic violence. There is always a Meccan phrase available for the Muslim “scholar” to deflect reasonable questions. Politically correct Westerners are all too easily swayed by these deceptive arguments.

    The word “peace” can mean peace as Westerners perceive the word. But to a Muslim “peace” means that time when the world is Islamic. Another good example is the word “innocent”. Muslim “scholars” will say; a jihadist would not kill an “innocent” person. But of course, if you are not Muslim, you are not “innocent”.

    • Exile1981

      I always figure mo always planned on the second phase once he had enough followers and the first stage was just to trap the unweary.

    • terrence

      About 20years ago I met a woman who lived in West Vancouver (she was very well off). She said if she left mosque (for any reason) that they would kill her for being an apostate. If she wanted to move and go to another mosque she would need her current imam’s permission.

      However, she was not required to be accompanied by a male relative when she went out.

      About three months ago, in Kitsilano (part of Vancouver). I saw a mooslime male in traditional mooslime garb walk into a clothing store,
      followed by something in a head-to-toe gunny sack (only its eyes were visible) who was walking about 10 feet behind the male – as required in islam.

      Women have few, in any, rights in islam – and must take an inferior role with all males. .

  • k1962

    No, it’s just a made up word to protect people from getting sued.

  • BillyHW

    Islamism is a fake, made-up word used by PC cowards. There is only Islam.

    Do we distinguish the good, moderate Nazism with the bad, extreme version known as Nazismism?


  • Maneki-neko

    People get caught up on the terminology, trying to acknowledge the jihadists intent, without alienating their co-religionists.

    This is where you get Bush calling Islam the religion of peace, and Obama banning the term radical Islam.

    Naming is important though, because having a name for something gives you power over it.

    The best names are accurate while serving to de-legitimize the enemy.

    Since “moderate” Muslims constantly remind is that the global jihad threat has nothing to do with Islam, they should have no problem with us calling these people death cult warriors.

  • Barrington Minge

    Islamism, Islamist….all the same…they are Mooslims..they all follow “Islam”, a 7th century death cult started by a bloodthirsty paedophile.