Hollande’s War On Terrorism Gets Real: Toys R’ Us To Cease Selling Toy Guns

Too realistic plastic guns were withdrawn from sale in France. Reason: these fake weapons might be “confusing for the police”.

  • The liberal mind never ceases to amaze.

    • But the streets of France have been made so much safer with this one small act!

      • Yo Mama

        You don’t want to inadvertently train the kids on how to defend themselves from their new masters!

        Dhimmi aren’t permitted to protect themselves.

      • john700

        Here in Canada that kind of toys was withdrawn long time ago.

        • lolwut?

          You might want to check a Canadian Tire or Military surplus store type store that sells Airsoft.

          This what I can buy in Granville street in Vancouver



          Canadian Tire also sell similar Airsoft guns,
          The same colour of the real version, just an orange tip and not clear plastic.

          • john700

            Those belong more to the outdoor category. The story was about Toys’R’Us

          • lolwut?

            ya, but how many times did you have someone buy you a pack of beer when you were still to young to legally do so.

            Kids and teens can still get their hands on things like Airsoft
            which are licensed metal duplicates of their real thing.

  • tom_billesley

    If it was High River, the RCMP would be breaking into your home on Christmas morning to grab the toys.

    • Alain

      Don’t speak too soon, who knows that may yet happen in France. But I expect the next step to be charging and arresting any school child making a drawing of a gun.

    • Clink9

      They can take my fake black Uzi water gun from my cold dead hands.

  • Clink9

    For all they’ve done so far on the war on terror, the cops might as well use those guns.

  • k1962

    Remember the black kid playing at a park with a black gun? Took place in the past year somewhere in the States (don’t remember where exactly and too lazy to google right now). Someone called it in to the police and the poor kid was shot dead by a police officer. It was controversial because it was like the cop pulled up, flew out of the car and shot the kid dead. Maybe they should make the guns in the same funky colours that they make super soakers (water pistols).

    • tom_billesley

      kids would just paint them black.

      • k1962

        They might, but then the results are their fault. I remember my son had a bite orange pistol. He kept it that colour.

        • FactsWillOut

          Bullshit. If a cop shoots an unarmed kid, the cop is a murderer. Period.

          • Clink9

            The cops could disarm them by shooting the gun out their hand like in the movies.

          • FactsWillOut

            The cops should be required to actually ascertain if someone is actually armed before they shoot.
            Their job should be as dangerous as they claim, as it is, it’s less dangerous than roofing or drywalling.

          • Clink9

            I know guys that do drywall, roofing and policing. The cop is the only one know that’s been shot at work.

          • FactsWillOut

            So what? Look at the fatality rates for each job.

          • Clink9

            I know what you’re saying. I’m just playing the asshole ( not a big stretch ) but it’s very difficult for cops to determine if a black gun is real.

            I wouldn’t want their crappy job. I know in Toronto they are working on new non lethal resolutions for these kind of stand offs after the famous streetcar incident.

          • FactsWillOut

            I’m a bit of a jerk myself. 🙂

          • mobuyus

            I was drywalling years ago in Vanier and was almost shot by a cop at work. They jumped the curb exited the car went into a crouch pointing a pump shotgun at me. I listened to their instructions with no hesitation. I was armed only with my old Red head powder actuated tool and my pouch.

      • ntt1

        outlaw black paint then, its racist anyways

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      That instance wasn’t so egregiously cut and dried.

      The kid was walking around threatening people with it for almost 20 minutes with that “gun” in a public park and generating a lot of 911 calls.
      Next, the police told him to drop the gun several times, but he ignored them, then he got shot.

      • k1962

        I’m not a SJW by any means, but that’s not how I remember the story, but you may have read more than me.

        Anyway, no matter who is at fault, maybe toy guns today should come in bright colours.

      • FactsWillOut

        The cops issued no such warnings:


    • mobuyus

      Real fire arms can be had in funky colours now.

  • I’m still waiting for the United Nations to condemn Palestinians for indoctrinating under-aged children with REAL GUNS to kill Jews, in violation of the Convention for the Protection of the Child. Been waiting for decades.

    France is a member of the “Big Five” — a permanent member of the Security Council (France, England, United States, Russia, and China). I don’t remember France making resolutions re: Palestinian violations of the Convention for the Protection of the Child. I guess France is only interested in the imaginary dangers of toy guns.

  • FactsWillOut

    Looks like the so-called conservatives here have joined the ranks of the SJWs, not wanting kids to play with realistic toy guns, and thereby justifying pussywillow cops shooting kids.

    That any American can support this and the 2A at the same time is an example of doublethink on the right.


    • k1962


    • That was a younger eric holder saying that we need to brainwash people to see guns in a new way, he’s a communist.

      • FactsWillOut

        Sadly, it seems to have worked, at least in urban areas, in both the US and Canada.

  • BillyHW

    A nation of faggots that doesn’t deserve their women.

    • Nobody is horrible enough to deserve women, Billy.

    • john700

      You’re talking about Canada?

  • T.C.

    Outlawing toy guns is a big sign that the police consider the population they are policing untrustworthy and a threat to their safety and security. So one has to ask the question “why can’t the police rely on the population they are policing to help them enforce the law?” Ten thousand troops in the streets of Paris to back up the police? Just wait til the real shooting begins. The toy gun ban sure will make a difference! The last three sentences is sarcasm by the way, in case CSIS is viewing this blog on behalf of their new liebral masters.

  • Yes, that’s right. Toys caused eight terrorists to kill one hundred and thirty people.

    Whom the gods wish to destroy and all that….

  • ntt1

    The progressive elites will eventually turn on the original occupants of Europe anyways ,why waste this perfect crisis to explain shooting your countrymen to protect the invader?

  • UCSPanther

    I have predicted that as the EU starts to fade, they will becoming increasingly desperate.

    They will become more repressive and punitive as their grasp slips, and this foolishness is a possible sign…

  • WalterBannon

    So this is Hollande getting tough on Islamic terrorists.

    Someone should lynch this treasonous scumbag.

    • Gary

      He’s Captain E.D. Smith telling the passengers that every thing is ok and the life boats are just a practice drill if we had hit a REAL iceberg and the Titanic was really sinking.
      That water every where has NOTHING to do with hitting an ice berg , those people jumping to their death from the stern have NOTHING to do with the Ice Berg .

      Terrorism has NOTHING to do with islam even when the msulim doing it cite the quranic verses that sanction it and use muhammad’s life to emulate his terrorism .