France’s civil war — and the struggle facing Europe

In the wake of the massacre in Paris, President François Hollande said that France was ‘at war’ — and that it must be fought both inside his country and outside in the Middle East. As the French air force began dropping bombs on Raqqa in Syria, another operation was under way in towns and cities across France: 168 raids in two days.

A battle on two fronts has begun.

  • Gary

    Obama says that the Paris slaughters was Workplace Violence while Kerry blamed it on a anti-Global warming youtube video that upset the terrorists.

  • bob e

    how are they going to solve the problem of 10 % of the population who want
    handouts & islam ??

  • Norman_In_New_York

    France will have to be partitioned into two states for two peoples with Paris divided into twin capital cities for both.

  • Canadian

    “Aux armes citoyens!” was working fine until the citizens were disarmed by the State…

  • barryjr

    Where was this before last week?