Douglas Murray – Muslim Ghettos Fuel Terrorism In Europe

Douglas Murray discussing how Muslim ‘Ghettos’/’No-Go Areas’ in Europe are fueling terrorism in Europe.

  • BillyHW

    Muslim ghettos don’t belong in Europe. Muslims don’t belong in Europe.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Islam is INHUMANE. There is no place for Islam on Planet Earth. When will that penny drop…..

    • tom_billesley

      Europe is a muslim ghetto.

  • Gary

    We have muslim ghettos here in Canada and it’s partly becauise the women are forced to wear costumes that make them unemployable and on Welfare for ever .
    They play the victim card and demonize canada as being at fault just as the Somali’s did at the King hearings in Washington DC about Jihadists where the Somali leader from canada said that our Government needs a 100% employment plan for young muslims so they don’t turn to terrorism .
    We didn’t go to Somalia in the 1990’s and drag back plane loads to go on welfare and pump out Jihadists while demanding to live by sharia law on Canadian soil.

    It’s never islam’s fault .

    • canminuteman

      “we didn’t go to Somalia in the 1990’s and drag back plane loads to go on welfare and pump out Jihadists while demanding to live by sharia law on Canadian soil.”

      No we didn’t, but any reasonably bright person could have foreseen it.

  • canminuteman

    If you live near Toronto you will realize we have our own muslim ghettos. Drive along Eglinton East and you might as well be in Baghdad. The other day I heard an add on the radio for a chain of muslim grocery stores that is opening its 15th branch. As you drive through Pickering on the 401 you drive past a huge muslim grocery store on the north side near Brock Road.

    • Exile1981

      Calgary has a muslim area in the North East. They won’t kill you yet for driving through but they have harassed every non muslim out of the area.

  • Ho Hum

    In Toronto one of the biggest Muslim ghettos’ is Regent Park. It is 65% Muslim and it is right next door to one of the most DESIRABLE neighborhoods in Toronto “Cabbagetown”. Most Millionaire residents of Cabbagetown are left wing and they are about to see their Million dollar investment dwindle to nothing as Muslims turn Regent Park and Cabbagetown into a NO GO zone.

    • dance…dancetotheradio


  • Brett_McS

    For those interested in a first (conservative/non-lefty) person’s perspective of goings on in Israel, check out

  • ontario john

    With abandoned hospitals and the military bases being used here in “Sunny Ways” Canada, we can have our own instant ghettos so we can get in on the fun as well. The media elites continue their poor muslim stories this morning. Little mention in the news of a Christmas concert being cancelled on city property and the demonstration that occurred in protest. But then it has nothing to do with islam. Two stabbings were reported in Toronto overnight. I wonder if Mayor Tory will rush to those areas to show his support.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Perhaps Obama should explain this…

  • Liberal Progressive

    There are many ill people who are in chronic pain.

    When Justin Trudeau legalizes euthanasia it will free these people of their agony and make room for the newcomers who will energize our economy and cultural diversity.