Brussels’ Great Mosque could be a Salafist hotbed

Brussels’ largest mosque is bankrolled by Saudi Arabia, a Salafist regime. Mosque leaders have dissociated themselves from terrorism – but are not revealing everything.

In an attempt to send a strong message to Belgian society, Mohamed Ndiaye, one of the Imams of the Islamic Cultural Center of Belgium at the Great Mosque of Brussels, said: “We would like to express our deep sorrow over the Paris attacks. Our thoughts are with the people of Paris and the victims’ families.”

The Islamic Center, situated in Brussels’ (and Belgium’s) largest mosque, stands at the edge of the Cinquantenaire Park in the center of the city’s EU quarter, just a few minutes walk from the European Commission. As the faithful gather for Friday prayers, leaders of this house of worship are holding a press conference. They seek to counter the mosque’s reputation as a hotbed for Salafist radicalization in Belgium.


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    Mosque leaders have dissociated themselves from terrorism
    If you have to dissociate from something do you still beat your wife?