Brussels faces week on lockdown as hunt for Muslim terror cell intensifies

Europe’s de facto capital faces an unprecedented security lockdown this week after Belgian authorities imposed a slew of safety-first measures to prevent a “serious and imminent” terrorist attack.

Schools, universities and kindergartens will be shut on Monday and the metro, shuttered all weekend, will remain closed, as counter-terrorist forces intensify their search for a network of Islamist militants involved in the Paris attacks.

On Sunday soldiers patrolled the streets with armoured vehicles outside the main stations and in public spaces.

  • Gary

    I have no doubt that Justin will put Troops on our streets once the bombing start here, but this brain dead dolt won’t link islam to any of the quran inspired attacks.

    Canada just saw a Court trials for 5 Brown muslims women murdered for not wearing the hijabs, so what did the Toronto Police do to assure muslims women they are safe in Canada and have rights…..a PSA?, Billboards ? , bus ads?…NO, they now include the Hijab in the Uniform to recruit Muslim women to meet their Diversity Quota .
    Basically, the White Liberals at the TPSB don’t see a non-hijab muslim women as a true muslim to be a Cop.
    So I guess those 5 murdered browm women deserved it for offending allah and would never be able to be a Cop and enforce Canada’s laws over islam’s laws.

    we’re screwed .

  • k1962

    Maybe some moderate muslims can turn them in 😉