But the rampaging students are only acknowledging a reality

From Spiked:

But beyond extracting a confession from a college official before their execution, what exactly do these students want the universities to do? In a word, all want to expand what might be called the race therapy complex in higher education. This complex encompasses a variety of administrative bodies, student clubs, training and course curricula, all with the aim of propagating a particular view about race – one that sees the problem of racism, and its management, in therapeutic terms.

The demands of today’s activists hit upon the key components of the race therapy complex, including:
• Appointing senior administrators in charge of diversity;
• Mandatory racial-awareness and sensitivity training for students and faculty;
• Required courses in ethnic studies;
• Increased funding for multicultural centres and ‘social justice’ clubs;
• Increased funding for mental-health counselling.
To a college president at risk from a mob-organised career guillotine, accepting these demands will be almost a no-brainer — especially since these measures would represent a continuation of the race policies that administrators themselves have promoted for the past two decades.

Reality check: Yes, the admins have been converting U’s to training grounds for the ‘crats of the near future’s victim farms. The students’ complaints, as with the demands of the Cultural Revolution in China, is that they are not doing it fast enough.

As noted here, it would be helpful if those who are dismayed by the developments put their Outrage Machine in low gear for a moment and contemplate what it all means.

Put simply, as the Japanese have begun to recognize, it’s mainly the STEM subjects that continue the culturally understood mission of the university.

Or, put another way, when the engineering physics and medical microbiology students start demanding exotic asshattery instead of up-to-date labs, we will be in real trouble. Because we all need what they do, whether we choose to or not. These fields are disciplines because yelling at society or at God or at nature won’t get their practitioners anywhere.

In my view, it’s too early to say what a constructive response to the asshattery would be. Not enough people have yet faced up to the fact that neither the ass‘crats nor the victims on whose behalf they speak may actually be needed in the future in order to feed, clothe, and house us all. They probably won’t usually have relevant skills.

Containing the damage they do to others’ civil liberties would be a priority except that the U admins sense implicitly what is happening, and are glad to cave and expand it.

Yes, the student ‘crats will need training in managing their victim farms. But their craft is not a product of liberal arts studies and is not in any way related to them. Thus, the rest of us should get out of private support of U-based humanities. If you are over 40, it’s not the campus you knew. Other cultural institutions are much better choices.

The state can force us to fund the programs for training its ‘crats, but private money is better used for shoring up civil liberties causes — woefully underfunded and incompetently staffed in Canada.

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The rapidly spreading asshat virus hits U Kansas

  • Xavier

    Do not be concerned. Let them destroy academia. This strain cannot survive in the wild.

  • reidjr

    The main issue is it spreads to low rent areas for exzample Ottawa has had 40 shootings this year yet some how its all the white mans fault.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I don’t care. This country is a flaming short bus flying of a cliff anyway.

  • Although Universities are often heavily publicly subsidized, the fact is they are private institutions — they’re not a free public service. They cost big bucks, and if you don’t pay then you don’t get in. And if you don’t pay up, you don’t get out either! — my graduation was deferred for an entire year because I forgot I owed a couple hundred bucks to the book store. In other words, “pay the $272.53 you owe to the book store or you don’t get your diploma”. And rightly so.

    Why anybody would pay, or become indebted for, tens of thousands of dollars to receive a post-secondary education to be subjected to forced political indoctrination is beyond me. Why anybody would make the largest financial investment in their lifetime, next to a mortgage, to be subjected to forced political indoctrination instead of receiving a liberal education, is incomprehensible. People are simply going to stop going to University, and Universities are going to go bankrupt.

    I’ve already discouraged my own kids from going to University — you simply won’t get a liberal education anymore. Get a trade, learn how to fix toilets or something, anything but the useless Marxist diarrhea from University which is investment headed for the shitter anyway.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    “In March of this year, the University of Winnipeg’s senate approved, in principle, a mandatory indigenous studies course for all undergraduate students at the university after lengthy campaigns launched by the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association and the University of Winnipeg Aboriginal Students’ Council.”

    • Absolutely asinine. Why would they force anybody to take Indigenous studies? The end result is that people who never hated Indians before are going to start hating Indians! But that’s the way Marxism works — it’s not designed promote cultural understanding, it’s designed to promote cultural conflict.

      I took Indigenous Studies voluntarily, because I had already done linguistic work with some of the Central American rain-forest tribes. It was an area of personal interest and worth exploring academically. Ironically, the tribes I had worked with were victims of persecution by a Marxist dictatorship.

      The commies have once again hijacked a fascinating area of study. I’ll never touch it again with a ten-foot pole. It they’re forcing people, it means the commies now control the entire academic Department.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        My hunch is that it’s a knee jerk response to the Macleans article alleging that Winnipeg is a hotbed of racism.
        And the culture of acquiescence enabled by the limp wristed mayor of Winnipeg.
        You see, I doubt Brian Bowman ever lived in downtown Winnipeg near the U of W.
        I did, for two years and I saw things that reinforced stereotypes.
        I lived in a basement bedsit a half a block north.

        • The “Warriors”, the “IP’s” (Indian Posse), the “FBI’s” (Fuckin Big Indians), et cetera, are not nice people. Outlaw Indian gangs in Winnipeg are as nasty as criminal gangs anywhere.

          But one thing is certain, they wouldn’t last 24 hours trying to live off the land with their counterparts in the Central American jungles. They’re fat ass lazy crack heads and pimps — the only “hunting and gathering” they’re capable of is hunting vulnerable people they can rob, and gathering money from the under-aged native hookers they pimp out.