Why the Palestinians Keep Killing

What if the supposed cause of terrorism against Israel were based on a lie? That’s the awful fact that was exposed yesterday by none other than Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas. In an interview with Israel’s Channel 10, Abbas admitted that in 2008 he flatly rejected an offer of statehood from Israel that would have given him control of almost all the West Bank and a share of Jerusalem as well as Gaza. While fascinating, the revelation — this is the first time he has owned up to the truth about what happened during the negotiations that took place during the last months of the Bush administration — is of more than historical interest. It also undermines the premise of the case against Israel used by critics that claim its policies are the obstacle to peace in the Middle East. Moreover, the timing of the admission, coming as it did as a surge in Palestinian terrorism escalates, makes the true motive for the killing painfully obvious.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Abbas calculates that the media and the “international community” will gloss over his admission because their goals are the same as his.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Brain damage due to inbreeding.

    • Alain

      Perhaps to a certain extent but the real cause is Islam.

  • Brett_McS

    The Palis themselves believe that they can wait out Israel.

  • WalterBannon

    Why The Palestinians Keep Killing: because they are muslims, that’s why.

    This is what muslims do!

  • Waffle

    A more comprehensive explanation — from a Muslim::


  • V10_Rob

    The only people blocking a Palestinian state is the Palestinians.