The Religion Of Peace You Say? Muslims Go On Blasphemy Rampage Against Other Muslims

LAHORE: An angry mob set ablaze a factory owned by members of the Ahmadiyya community in Jhelum on Friday.

According to sources, the mob attacked the factory after accusing one person who worked there of committing blasphemy.

  • DMB
  • Gary

    The Ahmadi’s in Maple just North of Toronto claimed they fled pakistan because of the oppression and the strict sharia law over there.
    But now they are imposing sharia law around their Peace Village housing project and demanded that the local public school let them use the Gym on Friday for a Mosque because they were now the majority in the PUBLIC school that bans Christmas events and symbols of Christ.

    The oppressed have become the oppressors once they became the majority in their area .
    Don’t think this won’t happen across Canada when muslims get tot he dangerous jihad population of 10% because Imam Steve Rockwell stated in the Media awhile back that muslims will dominate in Canada and make it an islamic state one day because muslims are out breeding all other groups to be the majority one day .
    Rockwell was honest to admit that they have an agenda and that the quran orders them to demand sharia law when they have the numbers and then when they are the majority they must impose it on the Nation and do jihad to make it a caliphate for allah.

    When we hear of hate-crimes when a Mosque is attacked , it is so bigoted for muslims to accuse a non-muslim Canadian citizen while void of even 1 piece of evidence by the Police for who did it when it could have been any one of the 1,000,000 + foreign workers and hundreds of non-citizens among the tourists as well .
    It could also be a Sunni attacking on a shia mosque as we see in iraq where none of them over there was done by an islamophobe from Canada.
    If John Tory does not stop pushing the islamophobia with no evidence or arrests he should just STFU and run the City which is his job and not to do Dawah for a death-cult sect of islam.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Unfortunately, the sectarians can’t slaughter each other fast enough.

    • Valerie Farley

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