The Refugee Resettlement Tango

Under normal circumstances, the screening process for a refugee coming to America takes, on average, between 8 and 14 months, frequently stretching to a full two years if the refugee is from an area of high concern.

The process begins with a designation of refugee status, most often by the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR), followed by a referral to the United States by the UNHCR, a U.S. embassy, or, increasingly, certain international non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

  • Xavier

    Liberals constantly proclaim the Constitution is a “living document” so they can implement gun control and squelch free speech. If the Constitution is a living document why can we not close the borders and halt immigration?

    • Gary

      With 6,000,000,000 potential Liberal voters outside of Canada , don’t hold your breath that Liberals and our Constitution will protect those already in Canada and were the ones that founded it and built it.

      Justin has just killed the Visa requirements for people coming here from Mexico. My guess is that he cut a deal with the current 15,000 tourists from Mexico that made Refugees claims for the Welfare and told the Mexican community that their relatives can now scam the system if he’s elected.
      Don’t forget , Justin told the CBC that he’d give them an extra $600,000,000.00 in their Budget during his first term as PM.

      I also heard on the News that Ralph Goodale is asking people to open their doors and take in the quran-reading jew-hating Muslim refugees from Syria for free if they have space or Rental property to house them . Translation:
      Justin was a back stabbing weasel and liar that said what ever it took to get elected and had used islamophobia fears to get the 1,000,000 muslims to supports the Liberals along with the mexicans and free Propaganda from the CBC.

      • If memory serves, dropping visa requirements for Mexican tourists was a bilateral agreement initiated by the former Harper Conservatives. I’m surprised to hear that it wasn’t already ratified by the time Harper left office.

        Justin is simply piggy-backing on the years of work that the Conservatives did on the file — pretending that it was something that Justin “miraculously” accomplished after a brief meeting with Mexican officials while in Europe. Only days after he was sworn in.

        Whether or not we agree with the Mexican non-visa thing is a different issue. But the fact is the lazy bugger Justin had nothing to do with it and his Government did zero work on the file — they are taking credit for it to make it look like Justin is a “miracle worker” who can get things done in short order.

        I think a similar thing is happening with Syrian refugees. Harper was never against admitting Syrian refugees and has admitted them all along. But Harper wanted to be careful about it and take his time, giving priority to persecuted minorities who are suffering the most. The refugees the Liberals are going to admit are probably the same ones that the Conservatives were admitting — the ones stuck in the camps, not the hordes of military-aged young men who are simply illegal migrants invading Europe.

        The Libs aren’t being transparent about it because they want to make Justin look like a “miracle worker” while at the same time bolstering the propaganda that Canadians who oppose Justin’s policies are “xenophobes”. It’s despicably manipulative of the Canadian citizenry for ideological purposes — Trudeau is deliberately misleading people to believe that he is bringing in people from the “illegal hordes” in order to whip up xenophobia.

        Whatever the case, the Lib’s timeline is a recipe for disaster — Justin’s braggadocio of “25,000 by Christmas” was irresponsible from day one. Both security-wise and logistically.

  • JoKeR
  • Ron MacDonald

    Just saying…

  • Dana Garcia

    In Feb 2014, the White House quietly lowered the standards by which refugees were screened so the more Syrians could get in.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Kelly is sullied.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Obama will do an end run by simply losing track of them and then proposing that we give them all amnesty in a year or two.