The problem is Islam

Not Islamic Radicalism as the Rabbi terms it…

World leaders must defend liberal ideas from terrorism

“The warning signs have been visible and steadily increasing to all those willing and able to open their eyes to see the writing on the wall.

When Islamic gunmen murdered seven people in Toulouse, France, in 2012, including three children at a Jewish school, the world looked on appalled but nothing changed. When Islamic gunmen murdered four people at the Jewish museum in Brussels in 2004, the world looked on appalled but nothing changed. When Islamic gunmen murdered four in a Jewish store in Paris in January, the world looked on appalled but nothing changed. These events were sadly just the tip of the iceberg. They were the high profile incidents that generated headlines. What is acknowledged even less is the constant cycle of violence, intimidation and hatred that the Jews (not to mention all the other victims of terror) in many cities in Europe, particularly Paris, have been suffering at the hands of Islamic radicals.”

  • Gary

    Canada is coming up on the 26 th year since the Montreal Jihad slaughter where Gamil Gharabi tried to execute 20 female students as punishment to Canada for letting them get an Education that offended allah.
    Gamil killed 14 and left 6 in a trauma state and some disabled for life.

    The event was hijacked by feminists and the Liberals to blame all males in canada for what a nut bar muslim did as a favour to allah.

    But this is Canada where even the slaughter of 239 Canadians by 2 Sikh’s back around 1984 was swept under the carpet while the Memorial Plaques are purged of any reference to the Sikh terrorists.
    The CBC called the 9/11 slaughter a tragic event where planes were taken over by some passengers and flown in office towers.
    Hmmm, right and slavery was a employment project with free rooms and food until you die in the steady work in sunny climates.

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  • Waffle

    They always start with the Jews . . .

  • The MSM do not even bother to mention the Jews, men women and children, being daily killed by Arabs (stabbing, ramming, drive-by shooting) in Israel. The very word Israel has become unpronounceable by them – when they do rarely say it, their voice changes. For them, Jews in Israel do not count as human beings.

  • john s

    Ugh! I am not interested in defending our liberal values. Many of these values have crossed the line into complete insanity. I will defend the idea of freedom, and so long as my culture is more free than the alternative, I will defend my culture. But I will not fight for the right to kill the unborn, or for the right of gays and transgenders to live free of criticism or derision. Neither will I defend a coun try which punishes people for voicing unpopular opinions, or one which seeks to regulate very aspect of my life,from what jokes I tell to my pet ownership.